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Current Theme Week Winner: "Are You My mother" by Lavern2002


6. Estelle: Book Review by Queen of Words

I was immediately captured by the cover art on Estelle by Queen Of Madness. It intrigued me and gave me the impression that this book was going to be great. As I began to read I realized that this book was on a level that I would put The Book Thief by the esteemed Markus Zusak. Estelle follows Victoria a girl who has lost her memory. It seems that the only thing that Victoria still has is her desire to capture the stars beauty in a painting. The way Queen Of Madness describes Victoria's painting of the stars  with such vivid description is amazing. I think the best part is when she rips the page in half basically showing the Victoria is starting to realize that she can't paint the stars. I hope Queen of Madness updates her story soon,I still have so many questions about Victoria and her life.

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