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9. Caza's 'Give an emoji a nose'

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; I have a dream. (Always the best way to start off a speech)

I have a dream, that one day all emojis may have noses above their lips and eyebrows above their eyes.

We live in troubled times as it is, with on-going wars, hatred and anger in the world, is it too much to ask to make one emoji happy? By clicking this – button, you can help to change an emoji’s life forever.

This is Fredrick, :), he is a happy emoji, and he has hopes and dreams and ambitions of one day appearing in someone’s Movellas comment or a mumble.

But there is one problem. Fredrick was born without a nose.
In the human culture we are often accepting of those different to ourselves, though sometimes it can take us a while to adjust ourselves to a new situation.

But in the land of emojis, things are very different. Emojis like Fredrick and his friend Karen :) (this is Karen by the way) are cast out of their society and forced into degrading and demeaning jobs, working as a emoji in a Facebook status. That is no place for an emoji.

Conditions there are tough; sometimes they go through the day without getting a single like and often hurtful comments are made.

No emoji should have to live like this.
With our help we aim to ensure that all emojis are equipped with the sense of smell. (I know emojis don’t have hands or ears but one step at a time.

September is emoji nose awareness month.

Please support and you too could see and emoji smile again.
With thanks to ‘Caza’s give an Emoji a Nose’ (my charity) we are able to help nose less emojis like Fredrick and Karen :) :) a new nose each.
This is them today :-) :-). They are both happy. Their dreams and ambitions now seem more possible and realistic than they have ever done before.

It costs you nothing; you can save an emoji’s life with just one click, tap or push of a button. It makes no difference to you, but to an emoji, it could be the difference of two very different qualities of life.

Remember an Emoji is not just for Christmas or finishing a comment/mumble. An Emoji is for life. 


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