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Current Theme Week Winner: "Are You My mother" by Lavern2002


15. An Interview with Lavern2002

Hello! I am Lavern (Lavern2002). I am thirteen, and I live on the east coast of America. I have been a member for around a year and a half. In that time I have gained 260 followers, won a competition, made an enormous number of friends, and my most popular movella has around three thousand views. I love to read, write, listen to music, and play a variety of instruments.


1. What is your favorite Movella?

I have read a lot of great movellas on here by some very talented movellians, but I am going to have to go with At Cambridge by Katy Erin. It was the first movella or book that made me physically cry.


2. How do you feel about being part of Movellas?

Movellas, especially within the last six months, has become a home for me. I have so many friends on here from around the world, and I love the support that I receive. Even when I get negative CC, I feel like it helps me improve as a writer.


3. How did you find Movellas?

My friend and I were watching a clip in one of our classes about cyberbullying when we first heard of movellas. There was this girl on there who said she was insecure until she found this place where she could publish her writing. We looked up the website to see if it was real, and it was. About three months later, we started reading fanfictions, and both of us got an account. The rest, as they say, is history!


4. If you could save only 3 Movellians, who would they be?

Oh my goodness, I have so many friends - how can I choose just three?! Okay, I am going to save Hermione10 because she is my best friend, Sinking_Ships because she was my first friend on here, and Bubbles02 because she is such an awesome person who makes me smile. Argh, that was difficult.


5. Do you have a crush ( yes or no only XD)

Nothing severe, but yes, yes I do.


6. Your most happy moment

Gah, you ask all the hard questions. I think my most ecstatic moment would have to be when I got three of my cats, GG, Holly, and Shelly. They showed up at my house, and a week later my mom said that we could keep them. I still have them almost four years later.


7. Your most sad moment

Sadly, this one is also cat related. Two of my childhood pets died within a month, and I wasn't doing well in school, so that was not a good time for me. I laughed at school, but when I came home, I would feel like a robot. That was about two or three years ago. Those two cats were Shirly and Lavern. Yup, that is where I got my username. I was going to do Shirly2002, but someone was already using it, so Lavern2002 it was.


8. Are you working on any new Movellas?

I have two ideas that I am toying with, but right now I am focusing on my entry for the science fiction competition. The first idea is another thriller short story, and the second one is a dystopian movellas that is a little but like the Maze Runner.


9. How do you feel about our new community manager Jess N?

My first big accomplish on here, in my opinion, was when GeorgiaT followed me. It was for my Flower In The Weeds weekly competition. At the time, I had less than 100 followers, so it made me feel special. That being said, I did have any sour feelings toward Jess, but I was fairly sad that Georgia was leaving. I was excited (and I still am) for some new perspective. I think she is an awesome person who treats everyone as an equal. I knew she was going to be awesome when she used a cover I made on her first movella. She is talented and a good leader.


10. How did it feel to win the Writing Prompt Competition?

I was supposed to be doing my homework when I saw the mumble that announced that I had won. I wanted to scream, in a good way and jump up and down. In January, it was my resolution to win a competition on here, and I was jubilant that it came true. That was when I realized the following that I have gathered in less than two years.

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