Random Mini Fics

So this is a bunch of crazy stories that are never completed and a re here for my enjoyment k

be warned there's violence cuz people get stabbed and crushed by pianos so


10. Septiplier *ft felix (poodiepei)

o shist this exist

Written by 5D at 2am so


"if u wanna go to heaven u should frick me tonite" sean whispered into marks ears

"u lil shist what if i wanna go to hell so i can meet satan brendon urie?" he replied

jack paused and thought for a moment

"if u wanna see satan brendon urie u should frick me tonite" he whispered

"I WANNA SEE SATAN BRENDON URIE1!!!11!!" shouted felix from sweden

"if u wanna see satan brendon urie and ur name is mark u should frick me tonite," sean whispered angrily

"gud lets frick" said mark

and then they did the frickle frackle

and made babies

and every single child of theirs looked exactly like the baby in Who's Your Daddy


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