Random Mini Fics

So this is a bunch of crazy stories that are never completed and a re here for my enjoyment k

be warned there's violence cuz people get stabbed and crushed by pianos so


5. Phan

(A/N) Wow i'm back after like 3 months, did you miss me? no you didn't lol what am i saying. ANYWAYS i have a co-writer and she's pretty dank so go follow her or whatever. I mean, if you arent already. because you're not a scrub. AAnd she's writing the next chapter so prepare your butt.


"So....Dan." Phil said, getting all up in Dan's grill on the couch.

"So....Phil." Dan replied, uncomfortable with human contact.

"I like you."


"Let's make babies." Phil said, poking Dan's cheek.

"Um. Ok."

And they made babies all night.

They named their child Dil.




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