Random Mini Fics

So this is a bunch of crazy stories that are never completed and a re here for my enjoyment k

be warned there's violence cuz people get stabbed and crushed by pianos so


6. 1D

(By: ~Zella~)

A/N: Wat.


"EGGO PREGGO" Niall screamed, running into a wall.

Liam jumped on Niall's back aggressively. "You will be."

"nah fam" Niall shouted, transforming into the hulk and smashing the wall. "I'M AN EGGO PREGGO" he screamed, proceeding to turn into a human waffle. 

"lol k." Liam jumped off Niall, proceeding to jump back on him with a gallon of Real Canadian Maple Syrup © , drowning Niall.

"Blub." Niall spluttered as Liam ripped off his waffle ear. "Blub."

"Yum." Liam shrieked. "EGGO."




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