A Vicious Cycle

A CIA agent from future came to fulfill a mission but caught up in a vicious cycle of nature


1. A Vicious Cycle

Life is like a never ending Tim burton movie. You never see sunlight, endless rain, waiting for the sun to come out. Though some of the people live a marvel movie, but for most of us: its Tim burton. Things haven’t changed much for Catalyn.
Locked in a room in the remote village of Romania. A big yellow 100w bulb is at her top, she is trying hard to die. But death isn’t so easy.
Suddenly two men enters, speaking in some kind of Romanian or Russian. Both of them sounds kind a same to her. One of them is holding a mug of coffee, he looks like the villain of mad max.
Other one isn’t that eastern European type. He looks kinda like a Arab-european mix. Catalyn would date that other guy at any day but who knows what awaits her.
The ugly one asks in broken English, ‘why have you come here? Who are you working for?’
Typical interrogation question.
‘I work for no one. I am a tourist.’ I said.
‘I am asking you again’ said the big guy in a very angry way. He looks like kinda high on some kind of drugs.
I calmly replied the same thing.
Suddenly that good looking guy came out of the shadow, in a very calm way looked into my eyes. I felt like he is looking at my soul. I tried to stay calm as possible but it was to hard for me. All he was too doing was looking into my eyes. For the first time in my 12 year of CIA career, I am scared.
He said, ‘I can make you stay into this room for the rest of your life, I wont torture you, I wont rape you, We will feed you, keep you alive but wont let you die. You will live such a lonely life that you will beg to die. Now tell me! Why you are here? Why there is this paper?’ He punched a piece of paper onto the table. I looked at the paper, names and addresses of few scientist, who will destroy the earth soon.
I took a deep breath. And I repeated the same answer as much convincingly as possible. I have to complete this mission, I have to. I have to nowhere to go, I am girl out of my time , out of my space. I need to kill these humans as soon as possible, they will create the wormhole. I am at a race against the time.
Am I gonna fail? Am I destined to fail. I feel so helpless. I cant tell them why I have traveled back. Everyone is after technology, these had led the world to create an uncontrollable wormhole.
Those two men kept on asking questions and I am evading every possible way. I think they are going to hurt me. I have been trained enough to survive a torture, but the burden of failure haunts me. I have to get out of this room, kill those 3 young undergrad scientist.
Many came before me, none succeed. May be the nature wants us to fail. May be we are destined to fail. Nature sometimes destroy its creations to restore its balance, but I don’t get it sometimes.
Hours passed, I am tied to my leg and hanging upside down, bleeding. I cant see anything from my left eye anymore. Flashes of my whole life is coming back. I guess its time for me to say goodbye.
Year 2075 CIA Langley, gets a strange parcel. A pendrive. Its contains strange video of a bald guys telling his life story and how he and 2 of this friend created a wormhole and how to stop it. The young CIA operative got confused and called his superiors. And the vicious cycle continues

                                                                      THE END


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