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this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


9. 9

bianca's pov// (cussing)


"this cannot be happening," i nudged luke. "she cannot be liking him."


luke puffed his cheeks and sighed. "bianca, i don't know." i leaned my head on his shoulder (even though he's 6'4 with his 'quiff', and i'm only 5'8). 


stephanie and michael. ahh. yes, stephanie hated me, but loved luke. since luke and i were legit best friends, she had to deal with me to see luke. 


basically, stephanie decides to steal michael from me. (yeah yeah your basic love story where the boy comes running back). well, yeah, not in this case. 


michael hates me with all of his guts, but also, loves luke. and since luke has another good friend calum (which i also know very well), michael has to deal with me to see both of them.


now, i love michael gordon clifford with all of my damn insides. i wish that was the case for me. 


"man, i wanna smack her." luke grunted, walking to some stones to sit on. he folded his hands and rested his small chin upon them. i dragged my feet over to him.


"me too, me too." i sighed, blowing the hair that was covering my eyes. i sat next to luke. "hey, luke, can i ask you something?"


it went silent for a moment, just hearing the screaming of stephanie and michael, and there little "possy". "yes?" he said, looking at me. "do you think michael will ever like me back?" 


luke scratched his stubbles on his face. "man, i can't answer that." furrowing my brow, i ask a little more in depth. "well, does he ever talk about me?" 


shaking his head, my heart just shattered into a million pieces. i've devoted my mind, my body and my spirit towards this boy. and this is my thank you.


i saw stephanie and michael waltzing there way over here. sighing, i looked down and bit my lip.


"lucas!" michael called. "what." luke's voice cracked, barely sounding audible. "we've got some shit to tell you." stephanie interrupted. 


both of them looking at me like i had seven heads, i flipped them both off. "someone's on there period." michael mumbled.


i fucking hated when boys would play the period card. i stood up. "you know, clifford." i said, slowly walking over to him. "i've had a little bit of enough with your shit." i said. michael slowly backing up. "a little bit enough?" he mocked, grinning a tad.


i wasn't in the mood for games. i've suffered under his power for far too long. this was it. "yes, a little bit enough." i retaliated. "ooh, you're a girl. what the hell you gonna do about it?" he said, rolling his eyes.


"you know what i'm gonna do?" i said, michael nodding. i clenched my fist and hardly swung at him. knocking him to the ground. "that's what the fuck i'm gonna do, shithead." 


i heard screaming behind me, obviously stephanie with her bitchy scream. "you whore!" she yelled at me. "don't fucking touch him!"


rolling my eyes, i shoved her weakly onto michael. "there, have your fucking boyfriend." i said, walking away. 


luke saw me and giggled. "you kicked ass!" he yelled, running up to me. i grinned and looked down. "the kid needed it. and so did the bitch." is all i said.


(this is one of those stories where you make up your own ending) :^)

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