stories //

this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


8. 8

bianca's pov//


sitting inside catching up on some anime was my ideal plan of a friday night. of course, being friends- or best friends, with the legendary idiots also known as luke, michael, ashton and calum, that was not gonna happen.


starting my first season of Sword Art Online, i hear a knock at my door. it was around 8pm at night. it was around dark, with the sunset almost fading. i paused my television and walked to the door. opening it smiled luke.


his contagious wide smile of course made me smile like a dork. "can we go to the park?" he asked. "no." i simply replied, not giving in too easy. "why?" he groaned, holding out his "y". "i'm trying to watch anime." 


luke's bright smile turned into a dorky frown. michael shoved luke out of the way. "which anime?" rolling my eyes, "Sword Art Online." michael plugged his ears and shut his eyes. "don't spoil it for me! i've just started it!" 


"so can you please come?" ashton said. "will you pay me?" i smiled, being sarcastic. "sure, here's a twenty." calum said, digging his hand into his coat pocket and handing me a twenty dollar bill.


"calum, i was being sarcastic, take your freaking money." i said, handing the bill to luke and slipping on my shoes. "yay!" the boys all cheered. grabbing my grey zip up, i threw it on and shut the door. 


the walk to the park was about twenty seconds away from my house. strolling down the street, i had something bugging me. "guys, can i ask you a question?" 


nobody replied, so i just decided to speak my mind. "why exactly are we going to the park? we haven't gone in like, five months. what makes today so special?" again, silence fills my ears.


a small giggle came from calum and luke. i was already not in a 110% mood, so them scheming something behind my back wasn't the best to help me boost my mood. "uh, you'll find out." ashton simply replied. still not answering my question, i simply kept my thoughts to myself and moved along.


when we finally arrived to the park, there was some 12 year olds riding their bike around the basketball court. "come to the bench," luke said. "are we like playing a game or something?" i asked. 


"yeah, we're playing manhunt. like tag without any safe zones." ashton said. "who's gonna be 'it'? i quoted with my fingers. "calum." michael boldly said. 


calum didn't put up a fuss, just simply closed his eyes and started counting. i just stood there, along with everyone else. "psst. bianca, come here!" michael whispered, grabbing my hand.


i felt a fire burn inside me when he grabbed my hand. what exactly was it? it just made my heart skip too many beats. nope. don't say i'm in love with him. i can't be...


michael crouching behind a tree with me, i noticed he was staring at me quite a bit. "michael, is there a problem? l- like something on my face?" 


michael's mouth slowly moving, but no sound coming out. his pupils dilated more than i've ever seen. the small motions of his mouth grew into a cheeky, blushed grin. "not at all." he said, looking down and playing with bits of grass. 


hearing a loud, maniac laugh, guessing it was ashton, startled me quite a bit. "he's now it." the park was quiet. no sounds. not even me or michael making any contact.


i don't understand why all of a sudden it's too hard to talk to him. i've been best friends with michael since grade school. what's happening?" 


i looked up at the boy with the sharp jawline, the funky coloured hair (which was more colourful than my life), the amazing, yet stabbing green eyes and just the perfect lips. that looked so soft. just wanting to grab him and kiss him. my hand reaching for his face, lost in a daze.


when i regained myself, i snapped my hand away. "bianca?" he asked, cocking his brow and looking at me. i blushed, quite mad. "oh, no nothing it was just.."


he grabbed my face and pushed his into mine, causing a little thing called a kiss. i was right. his lips were so incredibly soft. he laid me down onto the grass, hovering over me. he smiled at my face. he brought his lips back onto mine.


my face was burning with heat. my hands were shaking. my heart rate was out of control. what was he doing to me?


"i guess you found out why we came to the park." ashton said, crouching beside us. i jumped up and so did michael. i looked at both of them, michael, ashton, michael again. i threw myself onto him, crashing our lips. "ew! but aww." ashton said, walking away. 

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