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this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


7. 7

sabrina's pov// (for my friend!!!!!!) ((there's cussing!!!)


i fluttered open my eyes. i opened my eyes and saw calum hovering over me. "calum!" i shrieked, shoving him away. "we're going to the carnival today!" he said, jumping up and down. "you mean the Santa Monica pier?" i asked. "yeah, yeah, whatever!" he cheered.


i shoved him out of my room. i walked into bathroom, showered, shaved, all that gross, boring lady stuff. when i finished, i put on my black bikini first, than my clothes on top. i put on a black crop top and a pair of comfortable grey shorts.


i put my hair up in some kind of bun-ponytail thingy, i don't know. i walked back into my room, and slipped on my black vans. i walked out of my room, down the stairs.


i entered the kitchen, and there stood luke. he was wearing a black tee, and a pair of his swim shorts. God, i've had a crush on luke forever now, but i know he doesn't feel the same about me. 


he shut the fridge, holding a bottle of water and his phone. he smiled at me. "good morning, princess." he smiled, kissing my forehead. i always felt butterflies when he did that. "good morning, lucas." i said back. "did you sleep well darling?" i nodded.


"aww, two lovebirds." ashton cooed. "aw shush ashton." i said, rolling my eyes. "who's ready for the Santa Monica pier?!" michael yelled from the balcony upstairs. "get your ass downstairs!" ashton yelled. michael ran downstairs, calum following him.


"i'm not driving." i said, walking to the fridge to get a bottle of water. "neither am i." luke said. "why, wanna spend time with your girlfriend?" michael cooed, just like ashton. "why do you think we're dating exactly?" luke asked, folding his leg over the other.


"we don't think your dating, we know you're dating." calum added. "come on!" ashton yelled. "you'd be so cute together, honestly." michael said, folding his arms. 


"i wouldn't mind dating you." luke said, looking at me. i felt my cheeks heat up. "alright, shut the fuck up. get in the car." i said, pointing to the door. "we didn't even have break-" i cut ashton off, "go." 


they slipped on their shoes, and walked outside. i closed up and followed them.


i sat in the back seat, with luke beside me, than calum beside him. michael was in the passenger seat, and ashton somehow ended up driving. hah. he started up the car, and the ride was pretty silent.


i was looking out the window, and i felt someone grab my hand. my heart skipped a beat, as i turned to see luke holding my hand. i looked up at him, and he played it as if he didn't even know. i smirked and kept looking out the window. 


when we finally arrived, we weren't swarmed, we actually got some peace. when we got out of the car, luke didn't let go of my hand, he had his fingers loosely intertwined with mine. "so, what should we ride first?" michael asked, entering the park. 


"what's that?" ashton said, pointing to some yellow ride. "there's like, a long lineup though." i sighed. luke tightened the grip on my fingers. i looked up at him. "let's go," he smiled. oh my God, the luke smile. help. i'm dying.


we stood in the line, which was moving somewhat fast. when we were finally at the front, we got into the small red and yellow carts. it was a two per seat. "c- can we sit together?" luke asked, looking at me. i nodded, getting into a cart with him.


behind us were calum, ashton and michael squished in one. "i want to sit with luke!" calum whined. "cake af." i said, laughing to myself. "no, i ship labrina." i giggled, "is labrina our ship name?" he nodded, like a dork. the ride started to climb up.


"are you nervous, babe?" luke said. i shrugged, "k- kinda.." he wrapped his free arm around me. "you're so sweet." i said. when the ride hit the top, i was more than thrilled. "weeeee!" everyone yelled, as the ride fell and zoomed all over the whole track. 


when the ride was over, we exited the ride and walked around. "can we go swimming?" ashton asked. "race you there." i laughed, running on the outside the park and onto the sand.


"wait up sabrina!" everyone yelled, but i was already getting a chair. i slipped off my shoes and took off my top and bottoms, just revealing my bikini.


i ran into the surprisingly warm water, waiting for someone to come and splash me. luke ran into the water, splashing me. "oh, two can play at that game, hemmings!" i yelled, splashing him back.


he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight, not letting me go. "aw luke!" i yelled, kicking and screaming. he let go of me. i turned around and faced him. he stared at me, and i stared at him. 


time was seriously frozen in that moment. he smashed his lips into mine, causing me to slightly freak out. but than i shut my eyes. my cheeks were probably redder than a tomato. 


"finally!" someone yelled, causing us to break off. it was the boys. "shut up!" we both yelled, looking at each other than laughing. wow, today was great.

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