stories //

this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


6. 6

bianca's pov// ((there's cussing in this one))


i put my hair in a slick ponytail, than cracked my knuckles. i looked at myself in the full length mirror. 


hey, i'm bianca! i live with my four, stupid, idiotic friends in a big house in los angeles. basically, i love to box. so whenever i'm bored, i go down into our basement and just kinda play around with the punching bag. and well, today was no different.


wearing a blue tanktop and black spandex shorts, i laced up my blue nike's and walked out of the room. "shit!" i heard someone yell. and, i smelled burning bacon.


luke walked out of his room, drying his hair with a towel. "good morning, bianca!" he smiled. his flannel was loosely buttoned up, exposing pretty much his whole chest. "good morning, lukie." i smiled back, walking downstairs.


"fuck, seriously?!" calum cussed. "oh, God help me, what the hell are you doing." i said, walking into the kitchen. "i fucking burned the damn pancakes." he said, running his fingers through his hair. "and i burned the bacon!" michael said, somewhat happily.


i giggled at my two best friends, taking the pans of the stove. "shit!" i cussed. the pans were burning after all. "can you make us breakfast?" calum said, resting his chin on my bare shoulder. i looked at him. "go sit down, don't go fucking around." 


calum immediately ran to the living room. michael was still in the kitchen. i grabbed his shoulders, and turned him around. 


"woah woah! hands off!" he said, sarcastically. "michael i swear i'll fucking screw up your hair." he shook his head, running next to calum and snuggling him. "malum af." i muttered, walking back to the kitchen.


i put the bacon in the oven, and started the pancake batter over. within fifteen minutes, breakfast was done. "hey? where's ashton?" i said, setting the last plate - his plate on the table.


"i think he went for a walk." michael shrugged. "go get luke, i'm going to go see where he is." i sighed, walking to the door.


i touched the handle when the door flew open. "guys. holy shit. i just got some free hand cream!" he said, quite excited. i rolled my eyes, forcing back a smile.


"go eat, breakfast is ready." i said, pointing to the kitchen. "where are you going?" he asked. "i'm going downstairs to box, i'll be back up in like thirty minutes." i said, walking downstairs. "and don't come watch! i'll kick your asses!" i yelled, finally reaching the basement.


i turned on the light. "ahh, finally," i said, cracking my neck. i grabbed the skipping rope and just started skipping, to warm up my legs. i first went slower, than picked up my pace. 


i tripped over the skipping rope, and that was my key to stop. i threw the rope aside, and started to stretch my arms. 


"alright, finally, the fun part." i said, grabbing my boxing gloves. i put them on and rotated my head. i altered my feet and began to just start punching.


i was pulling so many combos at the moment, i was completely focused. so focused. i actually broke the damn boxing bag.


i pulled a kick so hard, the boxing bag actually came off the stand it was on, and smacked up against the wall. "holy shit.." i muttered.


"that was so freaking cool!" calum yelled, making me jump. "calum!? boys?! what the hell are you doing here?!" i snapped, folding my arms.


"we wanted to watch you box." ashton said, scratching his head. "you look hot when you box." michael said. "shut up michael." i said, rolling my eyes. "go upstairs." 

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