stories //

this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


5. 5

bianca's pov//


i slammed my locker shut. i spun myself around, seeing all the popular boys and girls discussing with each other. and of course, i remain alone. "hey, bianca!" someone yelled. the whole hallway shut up. i turned to face who yelled.


michael clifford. ahh yes, the idiot in my grade, the most popular one, with the stupid cute dyed hair, the stupid cute fashion sense, and of course, his stupid cute eyebrow piercing.


i just smirked at his appearance as he waltz over to me. "good ol' clifford, what can i do for you?" i said. he leaned up against the locker. still, the whole hallway listening to our conversation. 


"well, you know prom is right around the corner." i laughed, folding my arms. "and?" i simply asked. "i've got a whole list of girls who wanna get a slice of me. but i'm really only interested in you." 


"whoa, whoa, hold up there!" amanda yelled, approaching me and michael. now, amanda was the most popular girl in school. so you were to think, they were to go to prom together. oh, but that's not how it works.


you see, in my school, the most popular boy will ask the rebellious outcast, and the most popular girl will get jealous. to be honest, i've had a crush on michael for a few months now, and i wouldn't mind dating him. well, at least going to prom with him.


michael rolled his eyes, facing amanda. "well, this just got more interesting." i laughed. "shut up, bianca. michael, how could you possibly wanna go out with her?" again, michael rolled his eyes.


"well, obviously, she's got everything you don't." the whole hallway "oo'd" in his diss. i just stayed silent, leaning up against my locker, with my arms folded, quietly laughing at some times.


"i know what you're doing." amanda blankly said. "blonde moment?" i said, sounding "confused". i got some laughs from the hallway. 


"you're gonna take her to prom, and embarrass her." michael smirked and looked down. and i actually kinda smirked too. but inside, i actually got to thinking. could he seriously use me just to gain more popularity?


"okay, listen amanda. i know you want me, and you're a beautiful girl. but you're not my type. how about you go find someone who actually enjoys you?" michael said. "yeah, good luck trying to find someone who enjoys you." i said, sounding sympathetic.


she just glared at me. "ugh." she mumbled. "so, michael, if you really, really, really do like her, kiss her right now." the whole hallway started yelling and screaming. my face dropped, and my heart did too.


"y'all better hurry up, the principals probably on his way here, and you know how he feels about public affection!" someone yelled. michael spun to face me. "a- are you okay with this?" he asked. wow, michael clifford, the cool cucumber of our grade, sounding nervous.


i nodded and shrugged. "alright than..." he said, leaning down and planting his lips onto mine. holy crap, he was a good kisser. he slung his hands around my neck. "excuse me!" our principal yelled, making us both jump and break off. "what do you think you two are doing?!" he snapped, folding his arms.


michael and i looked at each other, with smiley expressions planted on our faces. "detention for both of you!" he yelled, walking away. "works for me..." michael said, planting another kiss on my lips. 



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