stories //

this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


4. 4

bianca's pov//


today was my birthday. happy birthday to me. no, it wasn't too happy.


i honestly thought the love of my life, my crush, my best friend would ask me out today. but sadly, my dreams were shattered.


he sent me pictures of gorgeous promise rings and told me to pick my favourite. when i did, i also asked who the rings were for.


i thought he was sending them to me because he was going to buy one for me, but instead it was for a long time crush he had. God, that made my heart drop.


my birthday was spent watching netflix and eating, when around 1:30 in the afternoon i heard a knock on my door. i stood up, walking towards the door. 


i opened the door and there stood the boy of my dreams, holding a small gift box and wearing a party hat. i smiled at his dorky, yet cute appearance.


"happy birthday love!" michael said, walking inside. he put the gift down on the counter and wrapped his arms around me. God, i loved michael hugs. they were so amazing.


"thank you, mikey. where's the rest of the boys?" i asked, as we broke off. "uh... well, they're coming later.. i wanted to come first because i want to ask you something." my heart starting racing. "okay?" i said, sitting down on the couch.


michael handed me the wrapped gift box. "can i open it or...?" he nodded. i delicately tore off the wrapping paper. there, was a small black box. i opened it. and low and behold, it was the promise ring i chose.


"michael.. i- i love it.." i whispered, taking it out and putting it onto my ring finger. "look, i have one too." michael said, showing his hand off.


"but wasn't this for your crush?" i asked, admiring the ring. he scratched the back of his head. "well, that crush is you." my face dropped. and my cheeks flustered.


"bianca, i really, do love you, and i don't know if you feel the same way. but will- will you be my girlfriend?" he asked. i nodded, several times. i ran into his arms, practically making him fall. "can we kiss?" i asked. he brought his lips to mine. maybe it was a happy birthday. 











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