stories //

this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


3. 3

bianca's pov//


being a quite popular hair dresser living in los angeles was pretty sick. i had the opportunity to meet several celebrities, and of course cut their hair.


today, i had an appointment booked with michael clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer. knowing michael, dying his hair and trimming was probably the usual for him.


his appointment was at 12:30, and it was now 8 am. i showered, changed, all that boring lady stuff. when i finished just putting on some light makeup, it was already 9:30. i decided just to skip breakfast and go ahead and open up shop.


i walked downstairs, slipping on my shoes and getting ready to drive to work. on the way there, i had some spare time, so i stopped at starbucks to get myself a frapp and a muffin. 


i arrived at work, it was 10:30. i sat in my car and ate. when i finished, i got out and unlocked the shop. of course, it was a mess. 


i swept the floor, cleaned the windows, and made sure we still had some shampoo and conditioner left for the end of the week. than, i heard the door chime.


i spun myself on the ball of my foot, seeing michael, and his friend luke. i smiled. "hi, are you bianca?" michael said. i nodded. "it's a pleasure to meet you!" i said, extending my hand out for a shake. he gladey accepted, and so did his friend.


i sat him down on the chair, as luke watched. "so, michael, what would you like today?" i said, playing with his extremely fluffy hair. "just some colour streaks, if that's alright?" i smiled and nodded. "come pick some colours, and we'll have you in and out of here within fifteen minutes."

michael picked his colours, so i commenced the hair-dying part. "this is gonna look so sick." he said, quite anxiously. "why's that?" i laughed. "well, the best hairdresser in all of hollywood is doing my hair, this is going to be my favourite hair colour." i blushed, "that's so sweet michael!"


"yeah, and let's hope this is his last hair colour, 'cause soon enough he's going to be bald." luke giggled. "shut up luke." michael said, his most famous line. 


"alright mr. clifford, are you ready for a badass haircut?" i said, bringing him to the sinks. "hell yeah." he said. i rinsed him up and did my thing.


when his hair was dried, straightened, and fluffed up, he smiled in awe at the mirror. "wow.. this is so badass..." i laughed. "you like it?" i smiled, fluffing his hair up a tad more. "i love it..." luke chimed in, "love the hair or her?" michael's face went pink, as luke and i were giggling to ourselves.


"nicole will go ring you up, i hope to see you again!" i said, gesturing michael and luke over to nicole. "thanks, and i'll defiantly come back." michael smiled. "yeah, i will too." luke said. i smiled at them both.


i grabbed the broom and began sweeping. than, i felt someone tap my shoulder. it was michael. "here's a tip." he said, in a cheeky voice. i grabbed the twenty from him. "thank you, you're so sweet." i said, hugging him. he left with luke. i glanced at the twenty dollar bill, and on it was some scribbled writing:

call me xoxo (insert fake phone number here)

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