stories //

this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


2. 2

bianca's pov//


exams. revising. projects. holy crap. high school has really taken a toll on me. i haven't gone outside in almost two weeks due to exams. 


let me give you the scoop on my life: my parents were rich. yeah, i know. i hated them, and their preppy-snobby selves, trying to make me into something i wasn't. when i turned 17, i told my parents i was moving to america. yeah, australia to america is one pretty big leap. 


i've been in america for over a year now, living by myself. of course, my parents still decide to send me checks every so often for about 1500 dollars. but i had a job, a pretty crappy one, working as a barista at starbucks.


i had to take a few weeks of, however, to finish my studying for exams. it was such a pain in the ass, but hey, i need to graduate. i'm trying to get a degree, just in case my real dreams flops. i've always wanted to become a recording artist.


i finished typing my essay to go with an assignment i had for english. it was 9:34 at night. i puffed up my cheeks with air, exhaling. i grabbed my phone and earbuds. "sorry school, i need a little me time right now." i said, quietly. i exited my room and left the house.


i plugged in my ear buds and set my music on shuffle. i walked down the street, and saw four boys siting on the green electric box. each of them wearing black skinny jeans and band tees. i caught their eye. they smiled at me. i smiled back.


i guess one of them lives on my block. they gestured me over. i walked over to the green box. each of them smelled so, so amazing. "hi!" they all said, except for the one with the curly hair. he said "hey".


"damnit, ashton, it's hi!" one boy giggled, with coloured hair. "shut up, michael." another blonde boy scolded. "uh, hey! i'm calum, this is luke, michael, and ashton." calum, the boy with the dark messy hair said. i smiled.


"i'm bianca.. i- i live just down the street." i said, pointing with my thumb behind me. they smiled. "you're super pretty.." michael said. i blushed, "um. thanks, you're not too bad yourself." his face lit up. 


"aw, mianca. i ship it." luke said. i slapped his arm. "ow! damn, michael, she's just like you in a girl form." i folded my arms. "so, bianca, uh, tell us a little bit about yourself." ashton said, scratching the back of his neck.


"um. alright, i was originally from australia, i moved here when i was 17, by myself.. i'm currently buried deep in revision and assignments, and it sucks." i said. they laughed, "really?" luke said. "because our exams are right around the corner."


my eyes widened. "what school do you go to?" i asked. "Norwest." michael said. "all of you? or like..." calum shook his head. "no, not all of us.. ashton graduated already, we're just about to drop out after exams." i knitted my eyebrows together.


"wow, okay, i'm quite surprised i haven't seen you around school. may i ask why you are dropping out?" all four of them looked down, as they were embarrassed. "i- is it like personal? i shouldn't have asked, i'm so-" michael budded in, "we wanna become a band."

i smiled at them, widely. "really! oh my God, this is so cool! i am mutual friends with a new band!" they giggled to themselves. "we have a gig next Wednesday, mind coming to watch? we could use all the support we can get." luke asked. i smiled, "i'll be the first one there."



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