stories //

this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


10. 10

bianca's pov//


"this is so freaking confusing. luke, help me." i groaned, leaning my head on top of luke's shoulder. "do i really need to find x in life?" he sighed. he shut his textbook. "i'll look up the answers."


we both sat in silence, bored out of our minds. homework was a small priority. luke's phone buzzed. "who is it?" i asked, trying not to sound nosey. "michael, calum and ashton." i furrowed my brows.


"who?" i asked. he shook his head and smiled, "there my friends. you haven't met them yet." i shook my head. "wanna go to the mall?" he asked. "um, sure?" i replied. i took my wallet out of my school bag and tucked it into my back pocket.


since we were both underage to drive, (which we are not, our parents just won't let us get our licenses), we had to walk a good 30 minutes to the mall. "wanna bike ride?" i asked. "no." luke groaned. "come on! you have like eight feet legs, use them!" i shoved him lightly. "i hate when you motivate me to do things." luke sighed, holding back a smile, as did i.


he opened his garage and fetched his bike and another for me. "thank you!" i smiled, kicking up the kickstand and hopping onto the seat. i regained my balance and began to pedal down the driveway.


"hey!" luke called, trailing not too far behind me. he cut onto the road and in front of me. "cheater!" i called back, smiling. 


the whole trip to the mall was a long, competition. we both tied, of course. we parked the bikes onto the racks and walked inside. 


luke stopped as soon as we entered. "luke?" i asked, as he checked his phone. "yeah, i'm just waiting for my mates to come." he said, putting his phone away. "would you like to walk around in the meantime?" he asked, politely.


"i'd love to, hemmings." i smiled. he held out his arm for me to link. i was only 5'9, linking arms with a 6'4 giant. we strolled around for a bit. 


"there they are." luke said, looking at me. three boys, one with curly hair, dark messy hair, and blonde hair. they approached us slowly. "hello!" luke greeted the boys. "hey!" they all said, but for the one with curly hair who said "hi".


"who's your friend?" the one with the dark hair asked. "bianca." luke replied. than, the one with the dark hair said, "this one thinks your hot." he said, punching the blonde boy softly.


"shut up!" he yelled, looking down at his feet. "he's pretty hot, not gonna lie." i said, smiling. "pardon their manners, i'm ashton, that's calum and michael." the curly hair boy, which is called ashton, informed me. 


"pleasure to meet you boys." i smiled. "shall we walk around?" ashton asked. we all replied with some form of yes. 


as we were walking, i made my way over to michael. we didn't talk much, but i liked his presence. we strolled past GameStop.


"wait, wait." i said, looking at the window. "look how beautiful Black Ops Three looks." i said, in awe. "holy shit, you like video games?" michael asked. "she's a big game geek." luke added. "shut up, luke." i said, blushing. "hey, don't be embarrassed, video games are my life." 


i looked at him. "really?" i asked. he nodded. "match made in heaven!" ashton yelled, giggling like a little school girl.  i punched him lightly in the arm. "ow! that hurt!" he cried, giggling some more. i even chuckled for a bit. that moment, right here, everything felt alright. 

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