stories //

this is a book of stories (imagines) of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys! I'll be using my name for all.


1. 1

bianca's pov//


i woke up, on the gross monday morning. ugh. i hated school with a burning passion. well, not really with a burning passion. i loved it because everyone was scared of me. i pretty much controlled my whole grade.


i rolled out of bed, falling onto the ground in a loud "oomf". i crawled towards my closet. i stood up, opening the two doors. it looked pretty muggy outside. i picked out a jean collared shirt, a yellow mustard sweater to go over it, and a pair of black skinny jeans. 


i slipped on my black oxfords, and unplugged my phone. crap. i was gonna be late to school. oh well. i slung my backpack over my shoulders, exiting my room.


i walked downstairs to my kitchen. i grabbed an apple and headed out the door to school. 


when i arrived, i just had like, 30 seconds to spare before school started. i walked down to my hallway. i opened my locker, grabbing the books and placing them into my backpack. i was a tad startled when i started to hear yelling.


"you gay, ugly boy. and you! you freak, what's with all the acne? you're gonna make it no where in life, you idiots." i spun myself around. some 12th grader was picking on kids, and they were in my grade. 


"hey." i said, shoving the guy out of the kids faces. "what are you doing!? don't you wanna help me?" i folded my arms. "no, this is cruel. stop." i said. he rolled his eyes. "i thought you were more popular than that, bianca." he said, storming off. the bell rang.


the four boys sat there, in silence. i could tell they were nervous. "hey, are you alright? don't worry about those twelve graders, they'll be gone soon." the boys stood up from the bench. "thank you." one with the blonde fringe spoke. 


"no problem, i've been through bullying. what are your names?" i asked. "i'm michael," one boy said with the dirty blonde-hair, cut in a fringe. "i'm luke." the one with the blonde fringe said. "i'm calum." the last one said, with dark brown hair. i smiled. "if anyone ever picks on you again, i'll be here for you always." i smiled, and so did they.

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