The Portal to Secrets

When a game of Truth or Dare goes horribly wrong, an international boyband gets kidnapped and turned into various alien creatures. Also ponies and superpowers.

Time Taken to write: 3 years and counting, but has never been published on this site so technically it's okay.


2. Chapter One- To The Bridge

CHAPTER 1- To The Bridge

Emily's POV

The whole ground rumbled as a car zoomed past us, kicking up wind which made my shoulder-length brown hair fly to the side. We walked along the edge of the road, since Louis stated that sidewalks were “too boring”. I swear I felt like a car was going to hit us every time one passed. But, of course, I didn’t want Louis to think I wasn’t as cool and daring as he was. That’s why me, and all of One Direction, were heading to the bridge where the end of the Midnight Memories music video was shot. So that I could experience what it felt like. You know, forgetting the fact that a few minutes ago, we were safely inside of a hotel room, playing Truth or Dare. I  KNEW I should have picked truth!

“Hey, look!” Liam exclaimed, interrupting my thoughts.

“What?” I asked nervously.

“7-ELEVEN!” Louis and Liam shouted in unison. Liam hit Louis on the head. Louis did the same to Liam. They kept hitting each other back and forth and back and forth until Harry shouted,


Liam and Louis froze.

“Sorry, it’s just getting annoying.” Harry apologized, cringing. Liam shrugged. We kept along the road. I saw a large pebble and kicked it as hard as I could. It shot ahead of me, but then swerved off the road and into the water. Wait, WATER??? I looked up and dreaded what I saw. We were at the bridge.

”Yay! We’re here!” Louis exclaimed. He ran past me. Why did he have to be so spontaneous?  “Come on, Em!” he yelled, still running. I had no choice but to run after him. He went through the maze of halls that led to the spot where they filmed, me following. He stopped and turned to me, smiling. “Ladies first, right?” He said, smirking. Here goes nothing, I thought. I breathed in and stepped through the door. I stood on a platform and scootched sideways along it to give the other boys room. I looked back at the door and saw Louis pop through, followed by Harry, Liam, Zayn, and finally Niall. I glanced nervously at the water below.

“Hey, Emily. Did I mention that this was only the first part of the dare?” Louis asked. I stared him in the eye, hoping that he couldn’t see that I was freaking out inside. “Now, I dare you to lean over the edge!” Louis announced. The other boys laughed. I gulped and slowly walked over to the edge where the railing was. I leaned over it and stared at the water below, screaming inside. The last thing I heard was Niall screaming my name before the railing gave way beneath me and I plummeted towards the Thames. I screamed and screamed until I hit the water, and blacked out.

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