The Portal to Secrets

When a game of Truth or Dare goes horribly wrong, an international boyband gets kidnapped and turned into various alien creatures. Also ponies and superpowers.

Time Taken to write: 3 years and counting, but has never been published on this site so technically it's okay.


3. CHAPTER 2-Ponyville

CHAPTER 2-Ponyville

Emily's POV

My head was throbbing as I slowly came back to consciousness. My vision was swaying as I tried to remember what exactly just happened. My vision steadied and I found myself in a strange dark forest. It was so weird. Everything looked so…animated. I stood up, but immediately came back down, on my hands. At least I think they were hands. Wait, NO!! THEY’RE HOOVES!! I started screaming and running around the strange forest on my hooves. I broke through the strange leaves and sat down, looking at myself. I was blue. BLUE! Not like a pretty sky blue, but just, blue. I felt sick. Then, everything came rushing back to me. Louis. Dare. Bridge. Railing. Niall. Falling. OMIGOSH! They’re probably so worried! I was so concerned about the boys that I almost forgot that I was in this strange world with no sense of where I was or what I was. ALMOST. Somehow, I realized that I needed to find out where I was.  I looked ahead of me and saw a small town. The town gave me  a sense of confidence, so I triumphantly marched to the town. As soon as I saw a townsperson, the confidence drained out of me faster than you could say ‘pony’, which, in fact, was what the townsperson was. It was reddish pink with a light pink mane and it had a symbol on it’s butt. A symbol that looked like 3 happy daisies. She looked at me cheerfully.

“Hi! Can I help you? You look pretty shaken up.” She asked. I straightened up from the awkward that I discovered I was in. I cleared my throat.

“Um..Yes, actually. Would you believe me…” I debated with myself whether I should tell her the truth. “Uh..never mind. I’m new here. Can you tell me where to go and what to do?” I finished. The pony looked concerned.

“Actually, I’m busy now, but I can lead you to somepony who can show you around?” She asked.

“Really? That would be great!” I replied excitedly. She gave me directions to a house that apparently was a tree. She also told me that this town was called Ponyville. As I was walking around Ponyville, I was starting to get used to all these ponies. A strong breeze whooshed in my face and I had to squint. But as I was squinting, I felt something rising up on my back. I snapped my head around to face my back, alarmed. What I saw, I never will forget. A pair of wings, the same color as my new skin were extending from my back. I quickly folded them shut. Wings. WINGS. WINGS! I have WINGS!!! Doesn’t that mean I can...FLY????? I opened my wings slowly. I flapped them slowly and rose off the ground a few feet. OMYGOSHOMYGOSHOMYGOSH!!!! I CAN FLY! I kept flapping, and rose higher. I propelled myself forward and crashed through someone’s balcony.

My head spun as I heard someone say, “Wow, I thought only Rainbow Dash did that. Is she starting a trend?” I looked up, dazed. Laying in front of me was a purple unicorn. With wings. A Pegacorn?

“Who’s Rainbow Dash?” I asked lazily. The pegacorn made a derpy face.

“I guess I was wrong, then.” She sighed, and turned back to her book. I gazed around the pegacorn’s house. It was... A TREE!!!

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