The Portal to Secrets

When a game of Truth or Dare goes horribly wrong, an international boyband gets kidnapped and turned into various alien creatures. Also ponies and superpowers.

Time Taken to write: 3 years and counting, but has never been published on this site so technically it's okay.




A few important things before we go on to this disaster that is this book


This book was started on Febuary 18th, 2014, when E (Who is my co-author) and I were in 6th grade. Back then, we were both 11, and we were frankly terrible at writing. So, when I post these chapters, please keep in mind that around half the chapters were our 6th grade selves writing. They are unedited.


I don't expect you to follow this story if you not in one of the fandoms that is present in this book. I don't expect you to understand this story if you are in all of the fandoms present in this book. I (Zella) helped write this book, and I'm confused by it. (However, E is not. She actually has a plan for this.)


WARNING: This story will have way to many plotholes and unresolved subplots for some people's liking. This is all just in good fun. Please no CC for this story, we know it sucks, and that's why we're posting it here.



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