No one can know

Kylee's parents are very overprotective but once she falls in love with school bad boy she doesn't know if she can keep her secret!


1. He's kinda hot tho

Kylee's POV

I walk in to my algebra class and Mr. Daley is sitting at his desk eating as usual. Then I look over and I see a new kid. He's standing by the doorway playing with his lip ring.

He has big blue eyes and gorgeous hair. He pulls out his phone looks at the screen and then puts it away and walks to Mr. D's desk.

Our eyes meet and he bites his lip. Fuck. He probably saw me looking at him the whole time. He asks where he should sit and Mr. Daley stands up and introduces him to the class with a mouth full of food. I literally hate this teacher. "This is Luke Hemmings and he's going to be in our class this year. Now you can go sit behind Kylee. Kylee raise your hand." I slowly raise my hand.

I'm in a band tee and ripped skinny jeans with a little bit of makeup on. I'm not looking so hot right now. He plops behind me and rests his feet on the metal bar underneath the desk. Then I feel a tap on my lower back.

Luke's POV

Right when I walked into algebra I see her. I try not to look at her that much but I want to and every time I try she looks at me but not in a weird way. She is relaxed. Mr. Daley tells me to sit behind Kylee! I tap her on the back with my foot. She turns around.


"Hi I'm Luke."

"Hi and I know"



Ik I suck at writing

Bye babes


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