No one can know

Kylee's parents are very overprotective but once she falls in love with school bad boy she doesn't know if she can keep her secret!



Kylee's POV

Im trying to play it cool but it's really hard. Like really. "Hi and I know". Now he probably thinks a a snob. He's just so attractive. For the fuck of fucking I think I have a crush. But he was eyeing up Kelsey Evans. The biggest slut ever.

But I'm gonna try at least. After class he walks up to me and asks if he can sit with me at lunch. Of course I say yes.

Luke's POV

I'm glad she said that it was ok to sit with her at lunch.

"Why did u come here?"

" I got kicked out of my old school."

"What did u do?"

If I tell her she won't ever talk to me again and I wanna be with her. I'm not gonna rush anything though.

"Nothing I just got in a little trouble."


"What's your story."

"I'm daddy's good girl and my parents are really protective."

" oh I'm sorry for you."

"No don't be"


Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught 😏😏

I need a ship name


I'll try to update more sorry

Bye babes


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