Milton 'n' McGold


9. Chapter Nine

Issac's face appeared on the screen. Freshly cut blond hair and laser blue eyes that made you obey his every word. He had the look of someone who had been round the block a few time, a hundred miles an hour, tyres screeching and taking down a few people on the way.

"Hey, guys, how's it going?" Issac was firecly protective over his trainees. If they messed up her would shout at them big time, then take the rap for them.

"Good thanks, Issac." Jackson took a seat infront of the screen, first moving a venus fly trap off of the seat. Sebastian quickly moved it to a similar place so his results wouldn't be ruined. "I think Seb got something though. He's made a connection where the students go missing during the term with no explanation adn there a link to the parents that we're investigating."

"More than a link the correlation is ninty-two percent," added Sebastian. "The one exception was a case of mengitious so that one was legitimate, that's the only exception."

"Latest is a girl called Jenna Long; dad is the American embassy in London. Sebastian's done a report. We'd like you to put a tail on Long, see if he startes acting against the country's best interests."

"Yes, I'll do that and I look forward to reading the report. Good work. I guess you are exploring the obvious explanations for this? Blackmail and the rest?"

"Of course, but nothing is clicking yet." Jackson admitted.

"Still early days, boys. You've made more progress than I thought you would." Issac's eyes lifted from Jackson's to fix on Sebastian's who was standing behind the chair. "How's it going?" Issac knew that, like most Owl's, Sebastian was less adaptable to new environments like Jackson was.

"I'm doing fine, sir." Sebastian decided not to rat his mate out about the dancing thing. "Got one more lead handed to us. We were give Jenna Long's phone number, the girl who went missing over the Easter break. I fed the details into out tracking programme and the phone is reading as pretty much being on our doorstep. At the fancy annex owned by the Union of Internation Schools."

Issac drummed his fingers on his desk. "You mean the mannor?"

"Yes. They call it a sports and leisure facility for students who don't want to go home during holidays when the school is closed."

"Interesting. The place needs a closer look."

"It's suppost to be off-limits during term time as it's used for conferences, due to re-open to students during the summer holidays. It is about five miles from here, the other side of the farm that also belongs the the UIS. The website suggests that is it more of an exclusive spa than a school camp. I've looked at the satalite imagery and it looks to be all leisure related: pools, golf courses, tennis courts. Nothing to arouse our suspision. Very luxerious."

"Yeah, we can't expect our little darlings of the rich and privildeged to rough it out during play time." Jackson joked, but Sebastian got the feeling it wasn't.

"Jenna might have left her phone behind foe some reason but maybe she's still there. She could, of course, be ill or having an exam melt down, nothing to do with what we are investigating. But, even if that's true, the school knows what's up and is hiding the truth from everyone, including her ebst friend." Sebastian kept Abbi's name back on purpose, though he wasn't exactly sure why. Some instinct to keep her out fo this must have kicked in.

Issac frowned, more wrinkles appeared on his forehead and surrounding his mouth. "Ok, I'll send a team in to see if they can find anything. People employed at the mannor must know what's going on there. If she's still on site, they'll know about it."

"I think, sir, Jackson and I should put in an application to go to the mannor at the end of this term with other students that spen their holidays there. We can pull out if it's a dead end but I'm interested to look inside myself."

Issac chewed his lip for a moment, thinking if he shoud or shouldn't. "Ok, do it. Only fact finding though Sebastian."

"Of course, sir."

"I'll add our names to the list." Jackson made a note on a post-it-note. "Anything else for us?"

"Not at this stage. Just keep out of trouble; don't do anything that'll raise suspiscion about your interests in the parents we've identified." Issac rubbed his chin. "And don't take risks, I've men trained for that."

"Sure." Jackson grinned, giving the cheschire cat a run for it's money. "Cats and Owls are supposed to collect evidence collection."

"That's right. Ok, back to the grindstone. I'll check in again soon."

"Over and out." Jackson cut the connection. "Do you think he was pleased with our progress?"

"Hard to say with Issac. He's quicker to sat whe things are off track."

Jackson closed down the laptop lid. "I meant to tell you: Abbi was lapping up the information on our background I gave her. Obviously she wants to get even after your little party trick you played on our first night."

"It's not a trick. It is simple deduction."

"Whatever. She was the one that intriduced your name into the converstaion about famalies."

Sebastian went cold. "What did you tell her?"

"Usual cover story." Jackson threw a pape ball into the bin. "Nothing touching on the truth."

That was Ok then. "You didn't embroider her, did you?" Jackson was known to get into his cover story too much.

"Only a little. I kept it vague. Said you were upper class. Parents good friends with royalty."

Sebastian groaned. "Did you have to do that to me?"

"She wouldn't believe the truth and it fits perfectly with you. You are the most aristocrat poor boy I have ever had the pleasure to meet."

"False advertsing and you know it. So what about you?"

"I tuned up my story after our last job, this time I hinted my dad was a murderer and mum was a druggie."

"Jackson, Issac will kill you if he finds out." Sebastian loved Jackson's parents, two of the nicest people in the world. They had unoffically adopted Sebastian when they found out his own were not good news. "Why are you taking risks with our cover?"

Jackson looked a bit sheepish. "I like watching their reactions, see if I can tell a story well."

Sebastian shook his head. Jackson enjoyed role playing on missions and if he had one weakness it was to indulge in his imagination too much.

"Look, Seb, I tell people what they want to hear, they believe it quicker that way. Having a dad in prision fits the image of African American youth."

Too late to pull back on Jackson now, the stories were out and circling round as they speak. "Ok, it's done now. Let's move on."

"What's next, Seb?"

Sebastian picked up a DVD. "Thanks to you, I'm going to study this. You go and sweet talk the blonde that hurt Abbi. That should be enough torture for doing this to me." He waved tha dance DVD in his friends face.

"Ok, off to do penance over the lunch table. See you later."

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