Milton 'n' McGold


5. Chapter Five

 From her vantage point on the visitor's sofa by the office, Abbi watched the students file out of the dining hall while she pretended to read a newspaper. She had meant to return to her room but curiosity of the new guys had kept her hanging around the foyer.
"Oh my gosh. They are fa-bu-lous!" exclaimed Maya, a girl in her dance class, blessed with an abundance of freckles and frothy auburn hair. "Did you see them?"
"You mean Mr Hottie McTottie and Mr Scorching Tightbuns? You could hardly miss them. What can I say but wow?" laughed her friend Liza. I'm with you there sister. "They've just joined Parton. Tori said they were expelled from their old school."
Maya giggled, "Even better. I love a bad boy."
"Me too. I wouldn't mind helping them settle in if you know what I mean." Liza nudged Maya's arm and giggled.
"Abbi had a go."
"She's quicker off the mark than the rest of us."
"Looks like he crashed and burned with them though." They were passing out of ear shot, not noticing the eavesdropper behind the potted plant.
"Leaves the field clear for the rest of us though, doesn't it? So, what do you think about the rumours about her? True?"
Abbi didn't get to hear an answer but it was horrible to that girls she had once considered her friends were now questioning her character. She didn't have long to brood before the two new boys came out. Yep; her first impression had been right: gorgeous. Jackson was more instantly appealing but there was something about Sebastian that made her want to look at him again and again. She lifted the newspaper higher.
"So how would you do it?" Jackson was asking. "Dispose of the evidence?"
"It's harder than you think."
"I get that."
"And you'll only find out when I decide you need to know."
"Like when you're gonna use it on me?"
"Correct. So tread carefully my friend."
Jackson shook his head. "I think it's a bit too late for that, bro. I'd better start making a will."
Odd conversation. Abbi put down that paper and watched then walk away. The view was mighty fine. It was like spotting two big wild cats prowling in the jungle, simultaneously moving through the under growth. OK, OK Abbi enough hanging about eyeing up the new guys. Sebastian had already demonstrated in a fairly insulting manor that he would only look at her twice to dissect her habits and character. She would be better off working out how to beat down the rumours about her that were travelling around the school. Her past made her shy around boys; she usually dealt with her attraction to guys by turning her sassy attitude on full. Best to put distance between her and Sebastian so she didn't embarrass herself again. That shouldn't be too hard; she couldn't imagine that they'd be sharing any classes. Sebastian didn't seem to be the type of guy to go for arts.

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