Milton 'n' McGold


11. Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Jackson burst into the room. "Are you Ok, Seb? Abbi told the teacher that you felt ill so left class early. Everyone in the Common Room is asking me what's wrong." He glanced at the screen in front of Sebastian. "What's that? Got access to academic results of the students. Find anything?"
Sebastian tapped a few keys, temper fizzying down.
"Hey, Seb, your worrying me bro. Say something."
"There's a sequence," Sebastian strove for cool and rational; if he carried on speaking maybe he wouldn't have to face up to the fact that he failed. "The students that have been absent, well, when they come back they all improve in their preformance."
"So, what are you saying? What ever is happening to them while they're away isn't harming them but helping? Like they're getting extra tuiton or something?"
"I cannot support that conclusion at this moment in time. I am simply giving you the facts of the situation. Adian Bennedict messed up his GCSE's, thanks to a preference of joyriding rather than studying. Left with all A*'s in his A levels. Talented but violent footballer, Joe West, went from multiple police cautions for violent behaviour to school team captain. Anger issues resolved adn on his way to playing for Chelsea's junior team. Daisy-May Bush caught with posession of class A drugs, came back with a new attitude and is now at Harvard studying Law." Sebastian recited all the profiles with rapid sucession. Finger ferociously tapping at the keyboard. "They are the most obvious examples but all of the students show some progress in one or more area of their school lives. All their parents are now down on our list."
"That's interesting." Jackson looked at him strangely, like Sebastian was an unexploded bomb and he was working out how to defuse it, while waiting for it to blow up in his face.
"Cross referenced to our data, you'll find that all of them connect to some recent corrupt behaviour from their parents. A contract granted when others in the field have the edge, a political decision that swayed against expectations or a promotion out of context."
"So the students start acting normally and the parents freak out."

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