The Last One


2. Teenage Mischief

“God damnit Nixara. Get your lazy ass out of bed.” Mina groaned sitting at the edge of her bed.

“I will get up when I want to…” Nixara retorted throwing a pillow towards her best friend.

“You’re going to miss the damn party… We planned this for months you dummy. Now come on. Throw on some clothes and let’s go!” It was pitch black outside the window as night had fallen long before Mina’s arrival.

“God damnit… Mina. I’m lazy… You should know this.” She rolled over shielding her eyes with another pillow.

“Yes. I know. This is more reason why you need to get out of bed and come to the fucking party.”

“Shhh… I’m asleep...” Nixara pulled the blanket over her face.

“Princess Nixara of Lahana! Quit being a boring lazy bum!” She yanked the blanket and pillow off of her face.

“I do what I want bitch.” She finally gives in and climbs out of her bed. “Fucking fine. Where are we even going?”

“Well… We’re going to have to sneak out the window…And then we’re going to the quote unquote party central…”

“You mean that abandoned building behind the town hall?” Nixara inquired sitting up in her bed.

“Well duh. Where else?” Mina sassed grabbing Nixara’s legs and began tugging.

“OKAY FINE. Give me a second!” She sighs pulling herself out of the bed and throwing on some more appropriate clothing. “Better?” Nixara rolled her eyes wearing a red blouse, black skirt, fishnets, and red boots.

“Much. You look hot as hell!” She teased.

“Oh shut up.” Nixara laughed heading towards the window, “Are we going or not?”

“Oh we’re definitely going. C’mon let’s find you some boys…” Mina giggled. The two girls climbed out the window using an old sheet and made their way across the castle grounds under the cover of night. The kingdom was silent as the villagers slept peacefully in their beds. The usually bustling streets sat empty except for the faint sound of the wind whistling through crevices in the bricks. The place felt like an utter ghost town. Nixara did not like traveling at night despite the fact she could see in the dark with ease, she always feared the dark. Mina however, embraced the darkness and welcomed it with a smile. The journey to the party location was a brief one but Nixara could not shake the feeling that they were being followed. With every step she took, she felt as if another took two more steps. All felt calm as soon as they walked inside the doors. There was Lahanian teens everywhere doing typical party things. Some drank various types of liquor, others sat on couches with their friends and/or lovers. It was a very successful party, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Nixara was instantly welcomed as she entered the room.

“WELCOME!!!” Some yelled

“M’lady!” Others spoke.

“Eyyyy! Princess Nixara!” One guy in the corner yelled nearly spilling his drink.

“You know I don’t like parties… Or crowds…” She sighed glaring in Mina’s direction. Mina made some sort of gesture trying to tell Nixara to smile, but Nixara chose to ignore it.

Mina rolled her eyes calling from across the room, “Chill Nix. Have fun!” Mina almost instantly after speaking was being led off by three boys who apparently fancied her. The rest of the boys in the room stared directly at Nixara, clearly infatuated with her crimson red hair and gray blue eyes. One of the boys approached her wearing what looked to be a black tunic in the somewhat dim light.

“Hello…” The boy said as he leaned against the wall beside her.

“Uh… Hello…” Nixara replied with disinterest in making any friends in her current situation.

“My name is Kael. I don’t need to ask you are Princess Nixara… Quite the looker too, the guys can’t keep their eyes off of you…” He smiles with almost sickening charm.

“Well Kael. I’m not here to make friends…”

“Then what are you here for?”

“I was forced here.”

“Your outfit choice doesn’t look like you were forced…”

“Oh shut up.” Nixara turned crimson and shielded her face.

Kael chuckled looking to Nixara with a gentle smile, “You want to hang out sometime?” He eyed the other guys in the room who seemed to be shooting him glares of jealousy.

“Hang out? As friends? Or as a date…” Nixara questioned slowly scanning the room with a dull sense of paranoia lingering.

He laughed once more, “Which ever you want Princess…” He softly patted her head.

“Pfffft. Like I’d hang out with you…” She teased nudging him with her elbow.

“Well you kind of are right now…” He looked around seeing that the other people in the room had vanished.

“Where did everyone go?” Nixara looked around with a face of concern.

“Does it really matter? Now we can be alone…” He chuckled clearly not meaning what he said.

“Well don’t you find it funny that the room was filled to burst and suddenly everyone vanished?”

“Okay yeah that is a little weird.” Kael noted starting to feel the paranoia as well. “I don’t think we are alone.”

“I don’t think so either.” Nixara began to panic slightly standing beside her newly acquired friend.

“That would be because you are indeed not…” A voice rang out from the darkness. It was impossible to pinpoint the direction of the voice, it was almost as if it was all around them. Almost instantly Kael shielded her with his arms and began to form a barrier made of a glowing golden energy. The light was spectacular and wrapped around Nixara concealing both of them in a dome of light.

“Oh please… Like your magic is going to stop us.” The voice laughed a daunting laugh.

“Nixara… Stay close to me…” Kael said softly trying to comfort the princess to the best of his ability.

“Aww how cute. The light boy has fallen for the princess…” The voice taunted one more.

“What do you want with us!?” Nixara caved in and embraced her inner anger.

“What do we want? Seriously you had to ask such a thing? We want to see what makes you tick… What breaks you…. What makes you stronger…and most importantly… What kills you…. You see… With you and your race out of the way, of course after painful experimentation, we can reign over this land with your so called…abilities.” The voice began to laugh almost devilishly.

Nixara looked to Kael who looked like he nearly shit his pants, “Seriously Kael… This is not the time to shit yourself…”

“And you didn’t? He’s going to kill us Nix. KILL US.” He emphasized the word kill several times.

“No because I’m a lady!”

“Are you two done?” The voice sighed slowly.

“Yes. Yes we are…” Nixara nodded her head.

“Good.” Almost instantly after speaking, the man belonging to the voice stepped out of the darkness fully dressed in a white suit and mask.

“Now… Will little Princess come with? Or do I have to tear you from his arms?”

“Or you could fuck off… Just a suggestion.” Nixara noted with a sarcastic tone.

“Not the time Nix.” Kael rolled his eyed.

“Well I see that this little kitty is being bad… Guess I have to resort to punishment…” He pulled what looked to be a squirt bottle from his pocket.

“A squirt bottle? Seriously?” She looked to it trying not to laugh. That’s when the man pulled the trigger and a black mist of what seemed to be dark energy spritz out of the bottle and consuming the light shield slowly.

“I don’t know if I can keep this shield up Nix!” Kael began sweating profusely as the shield began to dissipate.

“Well try harder!” Nixara panicked looking for a quick exit.

“Will do!” He grumbled as her began to put everything he had into keeping the barrier up. It wasn’t enough though. The barrier soon faded into oblivion and the two were consumed by the black mist.

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