The Last One


1. Prologue

As far back as the dawn of Elysium there lived an isolated tribe of Vampire Neko hybrids with an affinity for the elements called the Lahan. The Lahan were peaceful people, lived their lives in the light with their immunity to the sun light, and were known for the polyamorous behavior. The Lahan always stayed together knowing the outside world would not be too accepting of their kin. So for as long as the Lahan existed, they lived their lives in the kingdom of Lahana. In Lahana, it was frowned upon to have only one love and it was praised on for those who had many loves. The king and queen of Lahana were a special exception, they felt as if to remain strong leaders they’d have to stick to just themselves as a couple. This was why the kingdom succeeded for so long up until the fall of Lahana.

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