Troublesome Brother

Lily notices that something is not right with her older brother James. But it isn't until she learns about the different kinds of drugs during a school 'life skills' lesson, that she puts two and two together. How can she help her brother? And will he listen to his little sister?


3. the truth

When I get home I call out and say hi to my brother. He answers and says, "I am in my room. What do you want?"

"James don't talk to your sister like that please", Mum says.

I walk into James room and say, "Hey what up? How was school?"

He answers, "I didn't go to school remember dummy. Can you get out now Lilly?"

"God, what's with the mood?" I say

"Nothing, I just don't feel so well, can you get out?" "

"Okay", I answer. "But first tell me where you were this morning?"

"Just get out!", James says. He throws a pillow at me.

"Okay, okay I will leave. Just tell me where you were this morning?"

"I went on a walk okay. Happy now Lilly?"

"Sorry, but what's with the crummy mood?"

"Just get out!"

Lilly can you please get out of your brothers room?" mum calls.

"I will. God!"

"Lilly! Please don't talk to me like that!"

"Fine, yeah whatever", I call back. I throw the pillow back at James and turn and leave.

James and I can be quite close sometimes, considering he is 3 years older then me. He is turning 18 this year and is in his final year of school. He tells me pretty much everything, from what's bothering him to the fact that he has been failing like every subject at school for the past couple of months. Well, I sort of found that out myself, but still, he talked to me about it once I confronted him. I can't believe mum and dad haven't found out yet though. I should ask him how he does it because the first time I failed a test this year I got sat down and told that if I kept this up my future would not be as bright as it is now.

*1 month later*

As I walk in through the door I hear an unfamiliar sound. Crying. I put my bags down and turn to see my mum crying with my dad comforting her. My heart leaps.

"What's wrong? What's happening?" I say

"Your brother is missing. They found drugs in his bag that he left at the hotel he was supposedly staying at", my father says in a really calm voice.

"I don't believe it. No he wasn't even staying at a hotel, he was with friends" I say.

"I am sorry Lilly but we think he might have done this".

"No it's not true. He…he would never..." I say.

"I know it will be hard to understand but we need to keep calm and just wait till the police call us" my father says.

"But", I stumble.

"But nothing! You need to just wait and when your brother comes home…" he starts to say but I interrupt.

"How can you be so sure he isn't hurt. How can you be so calm, not knowing if he's okay or not. You don't know. You just don't understand" I shout in a shaky voice. I am determined not to cry"

"Please just wait", cries my mother.

I run outside, not bothering to hear the end of what my mother was going to say. I run and run I don't stop till I feel the burning feeling in my lungs. I stop, out of breath and then the last 10 minutes flash by me and that's when the tears start to flow. I kneel down and cry. I just cry and cry. I feel so helpless and alone. I mean my only brother has disappeared and my Dad is acting all calm. I need to talk to someone. Anyone. I walk back to the house and grab the phone.


Hey guys I hope u like this chapter. If u do please comment or like. As I said this is my first novel so don't be harsh.

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