Troublesome Brother

Lily notices that something is not right with her older brother James. But it isn't until she learns about the different kinds of drugs during a school 'life skills' lesson, that she puts two and two together. How can she help her brother? And will he listen to his little sister?


1. the discovery

"James have you got my black top?"I ask. No answer. James do you have my black top?" Still no answer. I go to his room and knock on the door. No sound. So I walk in. His bed is messy and there are piles of clothes everywhere. I pull the draw out and rummage through. My hand hits a plastic like thing and I pull it out from underneath the clothes. To my surprise it's dried plants but I don't think much of it. But it is strange. I grab my t shirt and go and get dressed for school. I call for my brother to get in the car so that we can get to school, but he does not answer. "This is so weird" I say to myself "Where is he?" Then Mum tells me we are running really late and that James is having the day off, as he does not feel well.

*Next day after lunch*

"I have life skills class", I say to my friend Kat. What do you have?" "Drama" she replies happily. "Lucky you" I say. "See you after class okay?"

"Year 8, today we will be talking about drugs'", says my teacher Mark. "Can you tell me what is bad about drugs?" Crystal my other best friend says, "Yes, drugs are bad for you because they change you and take away your identity. They are also really dangerous". "Very good answer Kat", says Mark. "Anyone else gave a comment?, says Mark. Everyone goes quiet. Awkward silence for what feels like5 minutes. Don't you hate that?

"No one?" Mark says finally. "Okay, what are some drugs you know?" Some people put up their hands and list some drugs like Heroin, Ice and Marijuana. Then Mark shows us some images of how the drugs look. Sometimes drugs are even secretly given to you without you knowing, like when someone might try to give you Marijuana cookies.

The thing that makes my heart stop for a second is the picture of Marijuana. I have this odd feeling that I have seen it somewhere before, but I don't know where.

After school on the bus

I can't stop thinking about the Marijuana image. I don't know why. I put on my headphones and start to listen to my Spotify playlist, getting lost in the music and forgetting about every thing.


Hey guys I hope you enjoy this story and stay tuned for what happens next. I have never done this before so it's all new for me. Sorry if it's not perfect or anything.

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