The End - SciFi Feature Week Competition Edition


These are humanity’s last days. Everything they hoped for, everything they build is now about to crumble down.
Every experiment for finding other forms of living in other planets has failed. They’re all alone. At least that’s what they think, but is it for real like this?
*** Soundtrack: Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber – Next to you ***

*** I had to re-upload this because of that competition so yeah ***


4. The AfterGlow

3. The Afterglow



  So this was how the end of the world looked like, just a massive shinning thing. Denn and I couldn’t believe it. We were waiting for some cool stuff just like those scenes from movies, but no, there was nothing like that.

  After the glow, the darkness came. There was nothing, no noise, no people, nothing to see. It really was over, but I just had a strange feeling. It didn’t feel like it was the end. It felt more like an after glow. It felt just like after a big, noisy party.

  I opened my eyes. It looked exactly like home, but I was sure it wasn’t home. It couldn’t be.

 -Hey. – Denn mumbled, slowly opening his eyes.

 -Hey. – I told him. Yeah, I know he was maybe just an illusion or something, but I really didn’t care. I wanted to make this moment last forever.

 -What happened? – Denn said sitting in his butt.

 -The End of the world. I guess we’re dead. – I told him.

 -So, this is how it feels like? – Denn asked me.

 I didn’t reply because I wasn’t sure myself. I always thought that when someone was dead, everything would come to an end, but then again I thought that the end of the world would look like a cool movie scene.

 -Mind taking a walk? – Denn said to me.

 I just nodded. To be honest I didn’t want to move not even my finger. I was afraid that all of this would be an illusion and I would end up all alone, but on the other side, I was dieing to see how it was like outside.

 -Come on! – Denn said grabbing my hand. I followed him, holding his hand tighter than before. There was no way I was going to lose him.

 We went outside of the room. Everything was just like it was before the end of the world. It was the same home, the same air kinda.

  Outside of the home was really different. Everything had changed. Now I could believe all this “end of the world” thing. Everything was destroyed. Those skyscrapers were now in the ground. Those cars looked like nothing else, but garbage. Dead bodies were on the ground. Everything and everyone was dead. If all of them were dead, then why me and Denn were there more alive than ever? 

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