The End - SciFi Feature Week Competition Edition


These are humanity’s last days. Everything they hoped for, everything they build is now about to crumble down.
Every experiment for finding other forms of living in other planets has failed. They’re all alone. At least that’s what they think, but is it for real like this?
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*** I had to re-upload this because of that competition so yeah ***


2. Before The End

                                      1.Before the end



  It has been already one week since Denn told me the news. If what everyone said was true than I had only one more week to live and to do what I wanted. I guess it was the best of times, without mentioning the fact that the world was supposed to end by the end of this week.

  You can say that everyone was equal. People didn’t care anymore about religion, origin, gender, age or skin color. There was peace. The war at the middle east was finally over. The economics of every country were at their best times. It was clear that for once the world was a good place to live for everyone and everywhere.

  During all this week I have been like crazy, going from one house to another. I went to meet my relatives and I also went from my house to Denn’s house. Even though I didn’t believe in this end of the world thing, people around me did and I just didn’t want to let them down.

  As I said the world was now a really good place. People didn’t have time for stupid things, the only main thing was love. It was all about loving each-other, but for real this time.

  Music was good, movies were good too. No more silly things from anyone. It really felt good. To be honest, deep down I was hoping that the rumors were false and that the end of the world didn’t happen. I wanted everything to stay like this because it was all so perfect.





  It was Saturday, practically the last day of all the humanity and this world too. During this time all those smart scientists were trying to find a way out, but they all failed. There was no way on escaping our fate. Even though at the beginning I was skeptical about all this, right now I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of anxiety. It was now joke. It was the last day of this earth and this life.

  I have to accept that even though sometimes I wished about this world to end, now I didn’t want it to. I guess it was true what they said,  “Be careful what you wish for!”.

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