The End - SciFi Feature Week Competition Edition


These are humanity’s last days. Everything they hoped for, everything they build is now about to crumble down.
Every experiment for finding other forms of living in other planets has failed. They’re all alone. At least that’s what they think, but is it for real like this?
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5. A New Friend

4. A New Friend



  WARNING:  This part might contain some triggers as the term of suicidal thoughts and killing oneself is used several times. If you’re sensitive to that topic then don’t read it.

  IMPORTANT NOTE:  I don’t glorify suicidal thoughts and no one dies in this chapter, or attempts to suicide.





 -This is awkward. – Denn said to me. I nodded in agreement. I still couldn’t believe what was going on.

 -Look at that woman over there. – Denn said. As soon as I saw that woman I had a small light of hope lighten inside of me. Maybe me and Denn weren’t the only ones here. I bent over the woman checking her pulse. As soon as I touched her hand that small light of hope faded away. The woman was dead.

 -She’s dead. – I told Denn. It looked like he felt the same thing that I did.

 -We might as well just kill ourselves – Denn told me. I always was against suicidal thoughts, but this time I wasn’t so sure.

 -It’s not going to work. – a little creature with a strange voice told us. – You didn’t die even when this world ended, you think you’re going to die from some lame pills?

 -Yeah you’re right. – I told to the creature.

 -You do know you’re talking to an U.F.O , don’t you? – Denn told me. I looked at him with a horrifying look. He just nodded his head letting me know that he wasn’t joking.

 -Down here. – the little creature told me. I looked down and I saw some kind of a small U.F.O. It was pretty cute, if you didn’t think about the fact that it was an alien.

 -Where are you from? – I asked it.

 -I am from a planet created from NASA. – the U.F.O  replied.

 -NASA created a planet? Why we didn’t hear of it at the news? – Denn asked.

 -I don’t know. I just live there and I was sent here to see if there was anyone alive from the end of this world. – the little U.F.O replied.

 -So you have spaceships and stuff like that? – I asked. It was scary the idea that I might go to live in another planet, but it was scarier to live in a destroyed planet.  The idea of killing myself wasn’t an option because I survived the end of the world and just like that little U.F.O said, I don’t think some pills would do a damage to me and Denn.

 -They will send us one, I guess. – the U.F.O replied.

 -Great! – Denn said with a grumpy face.

 -Are there others like me and Denn? – I asked. There was no way I’d let my kids marry each-other just to create some more population.

 -I don’t know. I was sent in here to see if there were survivors, but I have no other information about the other places of the earth. – the U.F.O replied.

 -How old are you? – Denn asked the U.F.O.

 -My age is a very complicated thing, but I can assure you that I’m not a kid. – the U.F.O said. I guess it was a good thing knowing that we weren’t in the hands of a extra-terrestrial kid.

 -What are we going to do now? Are we just going to sit here and talk and wait for a space ship? – I asked.

 -No. We’re going to walk and try to find a spaceship. – the U.F.O replied.

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