Wolf Girl *Seth's Imprint*

Noel Oneal was only 13, but yet she acted like she was 25. She simply grew up fast and was very responsible. Not everyone is like that. What happens when her life is forever changed, and will she find someone to love that she can just let go with?
*This takes place after Breaking Dawn*


2. Standing Up for What's Right

Noel's POV:

I was at school one day when I saw it. Some 7th grader was bulling Alissa. I really can't stand bullies. They make me sick, they think they can get whatever they want whenever they want. I usually get a teacher when I see someone get bullied, but this is Alissa we're talking about. She's practically my sister. I am going to stand up for her no matter what the consciences are. I walk to them and put myself between Alissa and the bully. "Oh look, someone else to beat up, huh," the girl said. "Actually you won't be beating any one up anytime soon," I told her. I have her my famous death glare. "Whatever,----" She never finished because all of a sudden there was a guy right beside us. When she looked up the bully quickly ran away. I didn't know who this guy was but I was thankful for him. I might not have been able to stand up for Alissa and myself. Suddenly the bell rang and it was time to go home. "Thanks," I mumbled to the guy without looking at him. I turned around, grabbed Alissa's hand, and walked out to my mom's car. I don't know why but I wanted to turn around and find that guy that helped us. I really don't know why.

Seth's POV:

I was walking down the hall thinking about last nights patrol. All of a sudden I got this weird feeling in my stomach. It almost hurt. It felt like I was given an order by Jake or Sam, and I had to do what I was told. The feeling was telling me to walk down the hall and turn right. I went and I couldn't believe what I saw. Standing there was a beautiful girl. She seemed to be protecting her friend from someone. I realized that I should help. I went up to her and stood beside her. When the 'bully' saw me she ran away. I looked down at the girl and remembered that her name was Noel. It's beautiful just like she is. I looked into her eyes, even though I could tell she was trying to hide herself from me, and the whole world stopped. My family, friends, my life, none of it mattered anymore. It was all her. She is my life now. "Thanks," she mumbled, as I was brought back to reality. She walked past me and left. I left too, but couldn't get Noel out of my head. I have to tell the other guys about this.

*****I know this is short but it is my first time writing a fanfic. Please don't hate, and I realize they Seth isn't in the 8th grade, but let's just pretend. I love everyone who is reading this and please leave constructive criticism. LOVE YOU, WOLFIES!!!!!!


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