Wolf Girl *Seth's Imprint*

Noel Oneal was only 13, but yet she acted like she was 25. She simply grew up fast and was very responsible. Not everyone is like that. What happens when her life is forever changed, and will she find someone to love that she can just let go with?
*This takes place after Breaking Dawn*


1. Noel Oneal

Name: Noel Oneal

Age: 13 (almost 14)

Looks: Dark Brown eyes, Dark Brown hair, about 5'4, pale (not Cullen pale, but the 'I didn't go outside all summer pale), full figure (not skinny but not fat), and chubby cheeks

Personality: Fun loving, funny, somewhat immature, can be protective over people she loves, kind of crazy, and smart when she wants to be

Likes: Reading, writing, singing, pulling pranks on people, adventuring, hanging out with her bestie, and going to the beach

Dislikes: Math, science, social studies, sitting still (except when reading or writing), and number one is BULLYING/BULLIES

Family: Sister, Ava 7 years old. Dad, Tony, a business manager (he's away a lot). Mom, Gemma, a store owner in La Push.

Bestie: Alissa Madden, 14. Blonde hair and blue eyes, skinny, pale, about 5'3 and a half, dimples. Their personalities are the exact same.

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