Wolf Girl *Seth's Imprint*

Noel Oneal was only 13, but yet she acted like she was 25. She simply grew up fast and was very responsible. Not everyone is like that. What happens when her life is forever changed, and will she find someone to love that she can just let go with?
*This takes place after Breaking Dawn*


3. At the Beach

Noel's POV:

It's been three days since the bully incident, and it's Saturday night. I hate to admit it, but I can't stop thinking about him. For some reason, he is always in the back of my mind. Anyways Alissa and I are going to the beach today. I love the beach. I go there whenever I'm mad, sad, happy, or if I need inspiration. It's a very beautiful place. It has really high cliffs that you can go dive off, or sit on. It's dark waters look amazing against the grey cliffs. The sand is soft and light. It reminds me of a painting of a magical place. I am wearing a pair of stone wash jean shorts that stop mid-thigh, a coral pink 'Messy Hair, Don't Care' tank top, white sandals, a daisy flower crown, and my hair sat on top of my shoulders in its naturally curly state. I love looking my best no matter what. Not to mention I secretly hoped that boy would be there. I asked Alissa about him. She said that his name is Seth Clearwater and he's about fifteen. He seemed really sweet and I want to get to know him. When Lisa (Alissa's nickname) and I finally got to the beach, there were about three people on the beach. I guess it's because it's not raining, and it's kind of hot. "Hey Lisa, do you see anyone we could prank?" "How about that woman, or that boy that's about seventeen?" "Oooooohhhh, let's get them both!!!!" "Totally." We went over to the woman and told her that the boy needed her. Then before she could get to him we ran over to the boy and told him the woman was a murderer. We then left and watched from a distance and it was hilarious. The boy actually ran away. It was soooo funny.

****** I know that it's a short chapter, but I am still trying to figure out exactly how the story will play out. Please don't hate me. Anyways thank you for reading you're awesome. I LOVE YOU WOLFIES!!!!!!!!!!!**********


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