At Night....

Hi there, thanks for accepting my invitation to read my story.
Hope you will enjoy it.
Thanks again,
Nicolai Bugeja


5. Inside...

I didn't know what to do, what decision I was going to take and which way I was going to follow. I couldn't find the opportunity to try to decide, I couldn't stop my heart beating , as if I was being controlled by a sort of soul from inside. I stepped on the first step, then on the second, till I found myself inside. It was a huge room with nothing inside , in fact at that moment I started to doubt myself. There was nothing different inside! But I have to say that it's environment was a welcoming one. The only thing that holed my attention was a huge couch in one of the room's corner. But then I felt someone's hand on my face trying to turn my head at one of the room's walls. And there I couldn't believe my eyes. The whole side of the wall was covered in several photos. Photos showing a young couple together. They surely loved each other, it could easily be noticed. It was the most suitable couple I have ever seen. My red drop on my finger calmed down for a moment , as if it had arrived in the place where it belonged to, where it had been waiting to come for a long time. While I was examining the picture I felt a sort of connection with the couple , especially with the male, as if I had been knowing them for a long time. I had so many questions seeking for so many answers in my mind especially those questions that had to do with the couch. Was there any connection with the photos and the couch? Then I heard footsteps...... I was sure that it was mum!

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