5. Tests

Tommy"s POV

I find it hard to believe we have to pass tests what is this school, but it turns out that I have not done bad so it looks like I will be going to a place that is called In Between Elsewhere which is good I hope.

I have learnt that most people are in Between Elsewhere only a few people are in Heaven and Hell because if you are there you have either never been mean or done something extreme.

Lila"s POV

School past in a blur as soon as it finishes I walk out suddenly I feel someone hug me from behind I tire bed around ready to shout at the person ready to shout at them when I realise that nobody is even there, but if that somebody didn't move me I would have fallen over and probably broken something.

Tommy"s POV

I keep helping her the girl who saw me die, I helped her this morning and just now I can see that she is confused, but I don't want her to ever be hurt like me. I have made a few friends and old man Called Frank and a girl who looks about 6 who died in a pool by her brother who drowned her her name is Cindy.

I know what you are thinking weird friends right but hers it doesn't seem to matter who are your friends who are you enemy's we are all equals here...

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