3. Is This heaven ??

Tommy"s POV

When all of the breath has been sucked out of me and I can't see,smell and I knew I was dead the feeling is so weird like I didn't belong to myself, suddenly I knew that my spirit had left my body. Goodbye to this world

Lila"s POV

I decided that I needed to go back to school and I did I wear whatever I could find which is jeans and a plain white fitted t-shirt I pick up my bag and walk downstairs my mother looks at me, shocked I haven't hardly been out of my room only to eat, and even then I didn't talk to anybody .

"Are you going to school?" She asks I nod in responds to tired to actually talk

"Do you want a lift? Or catch the train?"

"Train" I say

She nods and gives me an smoothie for breakfast I grab it and walk out the door when I arrive at the train station, I see that there is a memorial for Tommy Wright who is the boy . The boy!......

When I arrive at school I an surprised that there is paparazzi when they see me they crowd around asking questions like

"With all that has happened how do you feel?"

And "what happened?"

"Did you know the boy, Tommy"

Everybody is shouting at me their cameras flashing I can't stand it, suddenly a strong hand grabbed my hand and guided me through the crowd, I turn around to say thank you to whoever it was but I can't see anybody. Strange.

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