7. Fresh Start

15 years later

Lila's POV

"Alex! What did I say about the ball in the house?"

"Um not to" he leaves through the back door

I sigh just then my phone buzzes I look over it read 'Jess'

Hey wanna come to the cafe this arvo with Megahn and I??

Of course I reply

Good I say to myself as least I have something good to look forward

"ALEX" I yell


"Get ready to go to Malcomes house"

"Yay" he says pure happiness in his voice I smile

After I drop him off I decide to catch the train when I get to the train station I see the memorial and my eyes fill with tears, of course I haven't forgotten about Tommy, but my life has been to busy for the sadness to come in.

Next to the memorial is a flower stall I walk over and pick some blood red roses and a card in that card I wrote

Dear Tommy,

You probably don't know me and I don't know you, but I will never forget you , you are a big part in my life and in someway you have helped me be me so I thank you

Love Lila xx

With that I put it on the memorial and boarded the train....

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