1. Boy

It's a usual day I get onto the platform a women's voice went over the loud speaker

"The 3:30 train is now leaving from platform 7 "


I run as as fast as I can suddenly I see a boy about my age, also running to the train but instead he runs to the front of the train which is the only remaining door open, I follow but the train starts to move the boy keeps running but he didn't see what was coming........

My scream was so loud I run to the edge of the platform and see the worst his body was on the tracks pressed onto the tracks, blood dropped everywhere and he was covered into it. Suddenly I felt a hand grab me and yank me back, it was the coast guard yelling to the other guard to call a ambulance.

*•Hour Later*•

As I sit with police in the police station I hear a women's voice and I recognise it as my mums I rush out and wrap my hands around her neck and I burst into tears

"Shhh baby it's ok don't worry"

I cry harder and harder until I feel my mothers arms help me out to the car and she drives me home.

Boy ( Tommy name) POV

As I feel the train run over me the pain is terrible I hear a girl screaming and screaming all I wanted to do was go home to see my new baby sister....


Hey guys hope u like?

I was in something like this a couple of days ago a 14 year old boy got hit by a car and flew 5m I felt like crying bc he died on the way to hospital and the little boy that was in the car was 7 and had to be treated for shock.

If I felt sad imagine what his family and friends must feel my heart is so sad for them, so I decided to tribute book for him. He was hit on a high way and it has a wall beside it and there are now photos and messages from his friends and family. Anyways if you could just hold that family ( even if you don't know who they are) Anyways I hope you are all well. Bye for now

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