6. blood

Lila"s POV

I am so sick of hearing people say

"R u ok"

"I can't believe you went through this"

"So you remember anything "

"Tell us what happened"

All of these voices are mixed together in my hear replaying over and over again. I sit up in my bed and check my alarm clock 12:46pm. Great. I have only had a couple of hours sleep every night bc of the nightmares. Oh the nightmares.

Tommy"s POV

I struggle every morning knowing that Lila doesn't sleep because of me........ Cindy has become one of my best friends and is helping me today through a tough time today is my funeral and i have to watch. I have to watch my mother crying my father holding her blinking back tears of his own my new baby sister is in my older brothers arms she is so untouched by the world her little face surrounded by the pink blanket and my brother Andy he is so much like me. He is holding the family even though I know tonight when everyone will be asleep he will be crying into his pillow wishing that he didn't have this life ......

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