What is That Thing?

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  • Published: 27 Aug 2015
  • Updated: 9 Sep 2015
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All... Out... Chaos. Toutatis, a newly occupied world by the human race, is under threat from... nature? Outer Space? Hell? ... No one knows. Where did they come from? Why do they have such a hunger? How can we, mere men, stop them?


2. The Tower

Apartment block 122 in west Sector B had a brutal murdering off all residence. Not one had survived, but all officials knew was that the murderer (or murderers) had killed all known inhabitants. The SWAT teams were quick to react as outside of the block, armoured vehicles, riot shields and men all armed with automatic pulse rifles stood out side of the main door. These men were not like the police you see of today; they were in full body armour, right down from their toes to their visored faces. The armour seemed to mould with their muscles, making them look streamlined and sleek. All of them stood their ground like a concrete wall outside of the building, all rifles aimed and locked at the door, steady. 

"Gecko 2-3, this is Overlord, you are clear to move in. I repeat, you are clear to move in, over." a gentleman said behind the steadfast wall of robust shields and men, finely coated in a smart, grey suit and tie. He talked as if he was speaking to himself, no device to be seen that would pick up his speech. 

"Copy that Overlord." one of the SWAT members replied back, moving forward through the line of men as shields made way for him in sync, like hatch doors in a Wild Western American bar. Four other men also moved through the line, joining together with their rifles still fixated on the door. "We go in, scout the area and come out clean." the man at the front murmured to his men, not turning or looking away from his objective. They pressed up against the wall nearest to the door, the back man departing first. He faced the door, breaking out a small shotgun revolver, and blasting the door hinges off with ease. The door held helplessly onto the wall, but the SWAT officer kicked it down with the force of a rhino smashing into a tree, and the other four moved in like a snake, the fifth leading on behind, watching their tail. 


They climbed the stairs, trotting up with the torches on their weapons darting around the place. It was quiet, as the peacefulness tormented them like a whispering ghost in their ears, and the building completely dark and devoid of light. However one of the squad members stopped as his torch passed over a strange shadow in the corner of the stairs.

"Sergeant!" he called, as all of the squad stopped dead in their tracks. He shone his torch firmly on the position of the shadow, and what lay there was a body. A human body. The carcass was eviscerated with scars and scratches, but of not any knife nor claw that looked familiar. The silence fell on their shoulders even more, their morale starting to waver. 

"Keep moving..." the Sergeant at the front muttered, with a calm chill as they all continued to make their way up the stairs. The higher and higher they clambered, the situation and tension became thicker and thicker. More bodies were found, some eaten, some slashed and some just in pieces. All five of the men started to quiver, and the Sergeant, the most fearless and grizzled veteran out of all of them, chickened out. "Overlord, this is Gecko 2-3, we have a Code Orange, I repeat, Code Orange. Further force is needed, and requesting immediate departure, over." he said as he pressed on his ear lightly, shivering. 

The response was helpfully immediate. "Roger that, proceed back down towards the exit for extraction, over." 

"Copy that Overlord! We're on our way out!" he finished, leading the way back down the long flight of stairs. "Alright boys, let's get out of this hell hole..." he whispered. As they hurried more and more, they could see more unnatural shadows coming from the stairs below, moving along the walls. They glanced at them and their hearts started to jump in their throats, their feet going in much more of a flurry like startled dogs. Then the noises started to hiss under their feet; crashes of metal started to rattle the ceiling above them. "MOVE!! MOVE!!" the Sergeant bellowed, going in a full sprint down the stairs as his men didn't hesitate to follow his example.  


Until before long, it struck. The man at the back was ripped from the squad, his screams echoing up and down the tower of stairs. The other four whipped around and pointed their pulse rifles aimlessly to find what had snatched him in the dark. Something before long showed itself with a scurrying sound and a gleam from the walls, giving them an excuse to open fire in sheer fear. Their rifles were bullet hoses as they poured fire out of their muzzles, but the bullets ricochetted off of what seemed metal. With each blue flash of their weapons, the picture of what it was becoming more clear, like a silhouette in a thunderstorm. It was alive for sure, yet made of what seemed glossy steel as it shined like silver. A long and sectional body gave it the appearance of a large centipede, with its head adorned with huge and blood-coated mandibles, pointed antennae like wires and its mouth circular with rotating metallic teeth. 

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!" one of the men screamed, still helplessly spraying bullets at it, each one bouncing off of its hide and further angering it more. The thing lunged forwards with a hiss, tearing the man apart, with his armour proving no match to the centipede's ferocity. The rest of them paid no thought as whether to run or not, bolting it down the stairs.

"Overlord! Overlord!! We are under contact!!" the Sergeant yelled, as he and the last survivors raced faster down, the screams of terror and crunching bones booming out behind them. 

"From what, Gecko 2-3?" Overlord called back, safe and sound outside. He was oblivious to the scene of horror inside but his face scrunched with worry. 

"We don't fucking know! It's-" but the Sergeant's words were soon shut off as the radio only blurred back a fuzzy wail of pain and screech of rage. 

"Gecko 2-3, do you copy?" he roared. "Gecko 2-3, come in! Do you read me?!" but the line was severed silent. No reply ever came back through. 

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