What is That Thing?

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  • Published: 27 Aug 2015
  • Updated: 9 Sep 2015
  • Status: Complete
All... Out... Chaos. Toutatis, a newly occupied world by the human race, is under threat from... nature? Outer Space? Hell? ... No one knows. Where did they come from? Why do they have such a hunger? How can we, mere men, stop them?


1. From Above

"How copy Blue Leader, this is Watch Dog 1." a voice said over the radio in the cock pit. 

"Hearing you loud and clear Watch Dog 1 - Go ahead." the co-pilot replied. The cock pit of the aircraft was huge, flashing buttons and four men all on chairs and screens in front of them, large headsets firmly placed on their skulls, and a microphone each at the corner of their lips. Two men were at the front, piloting the gargantuan jet that was sleek and streamlined; it's wings out to the sides and the powerful thrusters underneath, the nose rounded down and flat on the underbelly like a horse shoe crab. Nearer to the tail of the jet, there seemed to be two large magnets pointing to each other, electric currents pulsating through it calmly and steadily. 

"Requesting you keep eyes open, these mountains have been known to move and shift position." 
The voice on the radio came from one of two small fighter jets, escorting the main air craft. They hovered on either side like two bodyguards, watching for anything that may harm their master. The fighters were in the shape of bullets with the wings more pointed forwards, their engines implanted in the wings themselves. They had multi-barrelled cannons under each wing, missiles dotted along the under side as well. To say they were geared to the teeth was an understatement.  

"Roger that, switching to agile guidance systems." the co-pilot of the colossal jet called back, flicking a switch above him that made the aircraft's engines glow from a deep orange to a lurid blue. The jet excelled forwards at a much higher speed, the fighters having to keep up with it, like fish trying to follow a whale shark. 

As Watch Dog 1 described, the mountains moved, rumbling the earth as they ground forward like awoken, humongous chess pieces. The main craft had to swerve and yaw completely to the right as a mountain came right in its way with an unexpected speed. 

"You all good, Blue Leader? That was a close call."  

"We're all good on this end. How far are we to point bravo?" Blue Leader's co-pilot requested, slightly startled and shaking. 

"Uhhh, about 10,000 clicks*." Watch Dog 1 replied, rather nervously. The air became much more silent as the mountains still pushed against the rocks beneath them with friction making them gleam with hot oranges and melting whites. 

But of the blue, the sonar radar of Blue Leader's enormous jet picked up a small, blue dot on the screen. One of the four co-pilots of Blue Leader looked startled, yet calm. 

"Sir, we have an incoming boggy** coming in from the east." he declared. 

"Roger that." the main pilot replied, again still and patient. "Watch Dog 1-2, we have a reported incoming boggy coming in hot from the east - please clarify." 

"Received, Watch Dog 2 checking target." one of the jets replied as he swerved off from the convoy. He frantically checked his systems, dots and lights going off. No sign of any movement from his electronics, and so he resorted to more old fashioned methods of sight. Glancing out to the sky, he saw nothing but the snow falling on the canopy glass of his cock pit, like a bubble. But it was clear... Nothing of interest to be seen as he turned back to the convoy. "Blue Leader, Watch Dog 1, no sign of any movement out here." 
The co-pilot of Blue Leader kept his eyes locked on the radar screen as he saw the blue dot get closer to the green jet symbol of Watch Dog 2. 

"Watch Dog 2, I have eyes on that boggy again! It's closing on your tail, fast!" 
Watch Dog 2 looked at his electronics and again, no signature of any sort. 

"Must be signal interference. I don't know what else to tell you... I've got nothing." when all of a sudden, there came a crash and a roar. Watch Dog 2's cock pit flashed all kinds of warning signals as one of his engines on his wing was being ripped apart by something... He glanced out of his canopy at the left wing, and saw a large shape, tearing apart his engine like a savage dog at a carcass. 

"HOLY--!!! WHAT IS THAT THING?!!" he screamed, too stunned as to focus on ejecting himself out. Blue Leader and Watch Dog 1 became very nervous and adrenaline pumped through them like petrol in a car. 

"Watch Dog 2, do you copy?! What's the situation out there?!" Blue Leader's main pilot cried, sweating. Watch Dog 2's response made matters only more nerve racking. 

"SHI-!!..." and then the silence was endless down the radio, only white noise coming through. 

"Watch Dog 2?! Watch Dog 2?! Do you read?!" but only white noise blared in their ears again... until the distant sound of an explosion in the misty snow signalled that Watch Dog 2 was no more. All of their hearts raced, wondering what was in the skies with them. "Watch Dog 1, eyes open. It could be anything out there..." 

"Roger that..." he replied, his hand tightly on his steering joystick, in level with his knees. The silence fell heavy on them all, their eyes of hawks and ears like foxes, not letting an inch of their guard down. For just as well. 

Watch Dog 1 could see a silhouette in front of his field of vision, getting larger and larger at great haste. He didn't give himself time to speak to Blue Leader as he jolted the joystick hard to the left, and his jet barrel rolled and it slid to the left smoothly and perfectly horizontal. The silhouette flashed past and Watch Dog 1 narrowly avoided a head on collision, which was either going to be an accident or intentional. 

"Blue Leader! Whatever downed Watch Dog 2 is coming back around!" he cried. 

"Copy that Watch Dog 1," Blue Leader's main pilot called back, "keep close. We're deploying AI weapon systems." as he flicked a cap with a button underneath it. Once pressed, living cannons and machine guns raised out of the shell of the air craft, watching the skies with robotic placidness. They then started to fire in random directions... no two cannons were firing on the same position. "Guns hot, gun hot! Do you see anything through their scopes?!" All of the pilots on Blue Leader checked their screens, seeing nothing but the windy misty as the guns let fly. 

"Nothing, sir!" they screamed. 

"What the hell is out there...?" the main pilot whispered to himself, right before the worst had succumb. A red, whip like tongue crashed through the wind screen and latched on the main pilot. It pierced through his body and dragged him back out into the cold as he wailed in pain and terror. The huge air craft then started to make a slow decent, the pilots panicking.

"Abort, abort, abort!!" the co-pilot roared, making his way out of the side hatch. But as he opened the door, a set of teeth met him, and crunched on his bones.


* - 10,000 Kilometres.

** - Aircraft detected by radar.

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