What is That Thing?

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  • Published: 27 Aug 2015
  • Updated: 9 Sep 2015
  • Status: Complete
All... Out... Chaos. Toutatis, a newly occupied world by the human race, is under threat from... nature? Outer Space? Hell? ... No one knows. Where did they come from? Why do they have such a hunger? How can we, mere men, stop them?


3. Explorer's Mission

After the incident in Block 122, the army was instead sent in. All SWAT teams' morale was completely destroyed. No one was willing to enter that building, and no officer in charge was going to allow it either. So not just any men from the army were deployed, but the U.S. Rangers themselves. 
Elite, hardy and war-sturdy veterans that had years of experience in fighting on the field. Trained to where their minds were fixated on everything they saw, heard and smelt; these men could witness all, listen to all, and sniff out all. Decked in the highest kit available, they wielded sophisticated pulse rifles that were square in shape, body armour that was thick like tank metal, encasing their entire silhouette in a robust hide, and hooded glowing masks of shining blue that shrouded their identity tenfold. They were prepared and ready to face whatever was in that apartment tower. 

Two squads of four, one Dragon Alpha, and the other Dragon Bravo. Flexible in this way, that they could break off and give fire support for the other, just in case anything went wrong. Lastly, a sniper team of two about a mile away, watched their every movement for over watch, known as Eagle 1; sat in a concrete skyscraper with only a blown hole in the wall for a window to look through. There was no chances or risks to be taken, and each man was fearless at the unknown peril. 

"Dragon Alpha Bravo, you are clear to move down to the target building." Eagle 1 calmly described, as he watched the groups move down the abandoned street. Rifles up, they saw the dreaded Block 122 come into view, ravaged and ransacked from broken windows, to smeared blood outside the door. 

"Eagle 1, this is Dragon Alpha, we have eyes on the target building. Can you confirm any movement from inside, over." the leader of the squad replied. Eagle 1's scope panned over the building, switching to heat detecting optics. Fine shades of blues washed over the building, leading no sign of anything alive inside. 

"Negative movement, standby." as he still looked over the building thoroughly, top to bottom. He switched to an X-Ray view of pure black and still nothing could be seen. "I've got nothing. Whatever was in there is gone." he responded. The men felt a sinking feeling of both relief and and mystery. 

"Roger that." Dragon Alpha replied. As they slowly crept forwards to go in like Gecko 2-3, Eagle 1 suddenly shouted down the radio.

"Dragon Alpha Bravo, halt halt halt. I'm detecting movement!" 

"Copy that Eagle 1, confirm on status position!" and the radio went silent for longer than was hoped. "Eagle 1, do you copy my last?!" but there was only still silence before Eagle 1 replied back. 

"Above your position..." and Dragon Bravo's leader slowly looked up through the sites of his rifle. 

"WHOA!!" he hollered as he poured bullets at a break-neck pace. They all then followed to see the same sight as he. The metallic centipede-like creature was looking down at them. The shining plates running down its body reflected in the sunlight, each with a pair of pointed, insectoid legs underneath. Its eyes glowed a bright green, just like the odd looking rifles attached under its mandibles that were a vibrant green like its piercing eyes. 
All of them wasted no time in hurling all they had it, blue dots zipping through the air but all only pinging off of its hide. 

"CONTACT, CONTACT!! EVERYONE, MOVE BACK TO POINT ALPHA, GO, GO, GO!!" Dragon Alpha roared, as they all bolted it back onto the street, using the hollow cars and rubble as cover. Peeping over with their rifles over the broken concrete and busted bonnets, they were in a far more defensive position, but as the looked back, it was gone again. There was a cold silence as the wind whispered in their ears. "Eagle 1, do you have eyes on?" Dragon Alpha asked again. 

"Negative, negative. Will inform you once I have, out." The Rangers were still as steadfast as they were when they came in, fear being replaced with aggression. They were well taught to be zealous, rather than cowardly, even in the oddest and most terrifying situations such as this. They said nothing as they waited to come under attack again... 

And out of the blue, the gargantuan creature burst out of the tarmacked ground, about 10 metres away from the Dragons' position, snaking out of the hole with a hiss and opening fire with green electricity blasting out of its guns, barely missing the Rangers. 

"OPEN FIRE!!" Dragon Alpha yelled, but their anger only bounced off with mocking whistles. The centipede raised half of its segmented body like a rearing horse, holding itself up to look even larger. "AIM FOR ITS CHEST!!" Dragon Alpha screamed, and the bullets that were focused on its underbelly made it flinch and wail in pain, and so it returned fire. The ridged sparks excelled with a lime tint into one of the squad members, sending him into howls of agony as he hit the floor in spasms. "MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN!" 

"Dragon Alpha Bravo, this is Eagle 1, we are clear and hot, standby for engagement." they heard down the radio, shortly followed by the sight of a blue flash that hit the centipede dead centre of the eye, and followed up again by a powerful echoed shot behind them. With the hit, the centipede recoiled back onto the ground, left with only a marginal dent, looking back at the men in riving anger. Dragon Alpha, sat behind the wall as Dragon Bravo kept firing next to him, calling back to Eagle 1. 

"Eagle 1, keep giving us firing support. I'm going to contact The Pentagon!" 

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