What is That Thing?

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  • Published: 27 Aug 2015
  • Updated: 9 Sep 2015
  • Status: Complete
All... Out... Chaos. Toutatis, a newly occupied world by the human race, is under threat from... nature? Outer Space? Hell? ... No one knows. Where did they come from? Why do they have such a hunger? How can we, mere men, stop them?


4. Bring the Rain

"This is an emergency Pentagon call! Does anyone read me?!" 

Back all the way on the other side of America in Washington DC, lay a room with screens dotted everywhere, each one with a person looking at it intently, a keyboard at their hands and a headset on their skulls. The screens showed codes being formed down the pages, cameras watching over bases all across America, and programs running to other locations. A woman at one of the desks replied to the call. 

"Pentagon Emergency Service - Please verify your status and situation." she calmly replied, the sound of keyboards tapping being heard behind her. 

"This is Master Sergeant Nick Tennison of the 75th Ranger Regiment! Codename Dragon Alpha of Operation Shrike! We are under attack by an unknown hostile outside block 122 in San Francisco!" 
The woman tapped on her keyboard instantly and replied still with the same tone as a machine. "We are bringing you further help to high authorised staff." she stated. Not too shortly afterwards, three officers in black and red coats and trousers marched in, rows and rows of medal strips dotted near to their hearts and rank slides on their shoulders as big their medal strips. They stood behind the woman, sternly and up straight. 

"Gimme a status." one of them asked her. 

"Sir, we're tracking a radio call from a team in San Francisco on Operation Shrike, outside Block 122." she reported back, still staring at the screen and tapping on her computer. 

"Block 122?" 

"Yes sir. Shall I put them on voice call?" 

"Yes. Do. Please." another one of the officers asked. She kept tapping and hit hard on the enter key. 

"Master Sergeant, you are now on voice call." Everyone in the room was now paying attention to the situation, as Tennison's voice rang out loud through all the speakers. 

"I ain't never seen this in my life! We need gunships on station, ASAP!" he roared, the sound of gunfire and explosions ringing through the speaker. 

"We have an Adder Drone coming up in a minute." one of the officers said back. "Link that call to the nearest U.S Air Force station!" he cried out. The call was further blaring out back on earth at an Air Force station office in California, for even more to listen. A small and snake-like camera drone slithered through the air, and disappeared in a sound like a bubble being formed. It soon reappeared nearer to the squads back on the planet Toutatis, and the camera on its front relayed images back to all of the Pentagon screens. They could see what they were dealing with, expressions changing to ones of doubt, terror and wonder. One of the officers spoke in automatic shock as he witnessed the centipede still shoot at his men. 

"What is that thing?..." 

"I don't know..." another officer whispered back, his eyes fixated. "But we need air support and we need it now." his voice raised as his sentence carried on. "Roll-in strike package Bravo on unknown target! I authenticate Tango Whisky at time 0-300 Zulu!" he yelled solidly, and the Air Force Base pilots raced to their air craft and clambered in as quickly as the order was given. "This will be a danger close mission, friendlies in the area!" Two jets slowly moved onto their runway, and immediately started to take off with the fire pouring out of their rears. "Dragon Alpha, verify your location relative to the target, you have air support on its way." 

"7 man team, north of Orange smoke!" he called, unclipping a smoke grenade, quickly peering out of cover to toss it at the centipede, the grenade leaving an orange trail as it flew through the air. The twin pair of jets took off and their engines glowed a cold blue as they were in mid flight. 

"All callsigns, we are initiating warp jump to the location in 3. 2. 1." and the planes vanished in the same way the snake drone did, with a watery sound and split-second disappearance.

"Attack direction west! You're clear and hot!" Tennison yelled, looking skywards west. The jets reappeared in a blasting boom, and Tennison soon popped out of cover. "We got the heat incoming, laze the target!" he yelled to his squadies, and the men all projected beams of red light at the centipede. The jets then locked their hawk eyes onto the insect. 

"Engaging, engaging!" the jet pilot yelled, and the sound like a growling tiger could be heard coming from the sky as they opened fire with relentless machine gun fire. The impacts of the bullets on the ground hastily made their way closer to the insect, and cut through it like a sword slash as the creature wailed under the sound of their guns. Rocket missiles soon then followed after the fire, plastering their target and hiding it from view in the debris. The shock waves from the explosions rattled the Dragons' guts, but they instead were pumped as they watched the beast slowly and finally fall. 


"Dragon Alpha Bravo, Sortie complete. We are egressing out." the jets confirmed as they warp jumped back to base as fast as they attacked. The smoke cleared from the street bellow, and 14 eyes all looked in the same direction. Reduced to scrap metal, the centipede was dead, the green in its eyes gone blank and sparks spattering out of its broken parts. 

"All callsigns... Target down." Tennison spoke breathlessly.

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