From Bun-Bun's Point of View

When Bun-Bun met Hunny he didn't like him at all. In fact he tried to steal a motorbike and ride away with someone he thought was his friend...


5. The new hope

'Someone kill Kuma- Chan!' A police officer yelled. As quick as a flash, Kuma- Chan punched me right in the face and I fell onto the floor. 
'What was that for?!' I asked as I was getting up again when I remembered that I was acting if I was being mind- controlled by Kuma- Cahn so I didn't get arrested or killed. ' I... I the mind- control's stopped?' 

 Tamsin, a police officer had her gun ready to shoot Kuma- Chan. She was about to pull the trigger when she didn't have to courage. ' I can't do it, he's just a teddy bear.' 
'Good, good! ' Kuma- Chan smirked. ' Now shoot your fellow police friends!' 
'No, I can't do that either,' She picked up her gun, looked away and shot Kuma- Chan in the head. ' I... I did it!'
Inside the head of Kuma- Chan was a robotic chip, which now wasn't functioning as Tamsin had shot it in the lucky place.

Back at the host club things weren't going very well. ' WHERE IS KUMA- CHAN!!!????' Tamaki screamed. 
'Oh now you're just as bad as hunny, Tamiki- Sempi!' Haruhi told Tamiki. 
'STOP BEING MEAN TO ME!!!!!!' Hunny shrieked. It was a madhouse in there. 'Everyone be quiet,'Haruhi told everyone. Suddenly there was a long silence until a quite voice was heard. 'I know where your friends are.'
'Who are you?' Hikaru asked.
'I'll never tell... He he he ha ha!'
Then all at once, a cloaked figure stood tall with a puppet. Belzinef! And the puppet holder didn't mention his name, but did say that if he goes near broad daylight he would disintegrate or turn to stone and that if why he had a black cloak on. Underneath his hood was bright blonde hair, as bright as day ; he wore a jet black wig so nothing bad happened to him ( like being turned to stone or being disintegrated ) and of course his black hood which I have mentioned before. Was Belzinef trying to trick them or was he trying to help?...

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