From Bun-Bun's Point of View

When Bun-Bun met Hunny he didn't like him at all. In fact he tried to steal a motorbike and ride away with someone he thought was his friend...


3. The Great Bike Robbery


"Hey!"said a voice.
"Who are you?" I somehow said.
How could I speak? I normally think things but this time I spoke.
"I'm Kuma-Chan,Tamaki's teddy bear," 
Then the teddy bear stood up. I could never walk or talk but I spoke before so I could probably walk to.
"How did you do that?"I asked.
"I'll teach you if you want,"offered Kuma-Chan.
Now that I think about it,what if Hunny didn't let me go on the motorbike I would be left with him and his annoying host club.
"Ok then how much is it?"
"£10.50," replied Kuma-Chan.
So Kuma-Chan told me how to walk. It took one month but I could do it in the end.
"Here's £10.50 Kuma-Chan," I said as I gave him the money that I stole from Hunny.
"One more thing. Do you have a motorbike?" I asked.
"Well,I know how to get one"

So...we snook into the police van,with the police man in. The police man had brown hair,a pink moustache and was in a dark blue suit that said police on it. We were hiding in a bag, of course. Otherwise the police man would arrest us. Then...the police man went out of the car. This was our chance! We tip-toed outside the van stealing his phone then rang his phone with a different one and finally chucked his phone on the floor! 
"WHAT! NO! NOT MY PHONE!" Screamed the officer.
"He he he" Kuma-Chan and I laughed quietly.
Then we tip-toed out into the place where they keep the weapons.Just then a police officer went into the room Kuma-Chan got a machine gun and started shooting at the man.
"You shot him!"I screamed.
The police man fainted.
"Well at least he's not dead!," argued Kuma-Chan."We have what we need so let's go!"
Then we went where the vehicles were. The door was padlocked.
"What are we going to do!" I asked.
"Leave that to me!"replied Kuma-Chan.
When he was saying that he got the biggest gun in the world and it blasted through the door.


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