From Bun-Bun's Point of View

When Bun-Bun met Hunny he didn't like him at all. In fact he tried to steal a motorbike and ride away with someone he thought was his friend...


2. The getaway plan


"Looks good"said Mori(Takashi) quietly.
"That looks amazing Hunny!"agreed the twins.
'They actually like me?' I thought.
'Yes they actually like you!' thought Hunny.
'Did you talk to me Hunny?'

It was amazing! Hunny could somehow telepathically speak to me. If I told him something he would probably do it. Wait,I could tell him to put me on a motorbike and start the engine and he would do it for me! Then I could drive away  somewhere and a nice person like his grandma would come and pick me up.

Anyway while I was making up an evil plan to drive away the host club were doing terrible things to me...
"I think he would look soooo cute if we put this tutu on him!"said Tamaki (the blonde haired person).
"This would be good!" Said Hikaru,one of the twins,in a smug way.
"I,Kaoru Hitachiin agree with my brother Hicaru!"agreed Kaoru,the other twin.
I was dressed in a pink tutu and a pink hat.on my feet were ballet shoes and I was wearing socks on my arms.
'This is a living hell!' I thought.(Hunny wasn't listening at that point)
"Let's take photos of Bun-Bun!" Shouted Tamaki. 
Just then the twins and Tamaki(but not the others) got there cameras and phones out and...and started taking photos of me! Then Hunny started hugging me while they were taking pictures!
'Noooo!' I thought.
I think Hunny here'd because then he pushed Hicaru who fell onto Kaoru who fell onto Tamaki and while that was happening Hunny took a photo and sent it to all his other friends.

Then it was time for Hunny to take an afternoon nap. While this was happening I was thinking how I could escape...





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