From Bun-Bun's Point of View

When Bun-Bun met Hunny he didn't like him at all. In fact he tried to steal a motorbike and ride away with someone he thought was his friend...


4. The chase



"WHERE'S MY BUN-BUN?!" Hunny screamed as he woke up not finding me sitting next to him."SOMEONE CALL THE  POLICE NOW!"

"It must be somewhere here Hunny,"Tamaki said kindly to cheer Hunny up.

"I KNOW YOUR JUST TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER TAMA-CHAN!"screamed Hunny  "Hicaru,Kaoru call the police!" Demanded Tamaki.

"Yes boss," The twins said at the same time.

"Our job at Ouran is to make every girl happy!" Tamaki declared

"But boss,Hunnys a boy" Explained Hicaru.

"Er...he acts like a girl,"Said Tamaki with a puzzled face. "True," "WAAAAA,WWWWAAAAAAA. I'M NOT A GIRL AND I DONT ACT LIKE ONE!"Hunny was crying at this point.

"Yes you do,"said about everyone in the room(including people who aren't in the host club).


Then Hunny dialled 999,the number of the police. Hunny phoned the police and they had a long talk. It turns out that Hunny is a master at judo,karate and all of the other martial arts and the police used to be coached by him. There was s long silence while Hunny was talking to the police officer... Then Tamaki screamed"Where's my kuma-chan!" "Wait,"said the police officer"Did someone mention 'Kuma-Chan'?" Tamaki grabbed the phone and screamed: "WHERE'S MY KUMA-CHAN?" "I here'd someone mention that name,what's it called again Kuma-Chan?"said the police officer.   Then in the police building there was a loud bang,a crash and then a thud. After that there was silence...then the police officer here'd a car. No,it wasn't a car it was a bike. Then he could see it:he saw me and Kuma-Chan on a motorbike. We rushed past him and he stopped,he just stood there standing like a statue tall and thin. Then he moved. He got the phone out and phoned Hunny and the host club. "Are Kuma-Chan and Bun-Bun pink teddy rabbits and a brown teddy bear?" Asked the police officer in shock. "Yes,"said Hunny and Tamaki at the same time."Why?" "I think I know where they are!"   "Get in the van everyone,we are here to return teddy bears which can move,walk and talk!"explained the police officer. Everyone laughed. The police man continued to speak,"As I was saying before I was interrupted. They are armed and very dangerous!" What,I'm not armed or dangerous! It's that stupid Kuma-Chan who is. Anyway,the police officers and the SWAT team got in their cars and vans. They set off to find us.   "Where are we?" I asked. "Why am I supposed to know?"replied Kuma-Chan. "Let's go in here," He drove us into an abandoned ally with one way in and one way out. It was gloomy and dark.    Back at Ouran High school the host club were worried about me and Kuma-Chan,that stupid teddy bear that no one likes at all(apart from Tamaki). "What if they can't find him?"asked Hunny(who had calmed down by now). "I don't know Hunny," Replied a member of the host club.(I couldn't see them but I could somehow here them.) "I have an idea"Said Hunny joyfully." We could use this bunny rabbit tracker that I've made myself!" Then Hunny gave it to the police and surprisingly it worked. In the end the police found us. But I didn't get arrested. When the police found us,I said:"The police have found us master," In a robots voice. It sounded like Kuma-Chan had mind controlled me.  "The only way to stop the mind control is to arrest that brown teddy bear!" One of the police officers shouted.              




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