From Bun-Bun's Point of View

When Bun-Bun met Hunny he didn't like him at all. In fact he tried to steal a motorbike and ride away with someone he thought was his friend...


6. Almost 100 years earlier...


Kuma- Chan ( the robot ) was created by Sakura, a Japanese scientist from WW2. Sakura built him for a weapon of destruction so the Axis could win the war. She made him look cute and cuddly so everyone would think he was a kids toy bear and they wouldn't suspect a thing.
At The Evacuation of Dunkirk, many soldiers were killed because of Kuma- Chan, who was called ProjectKC at the time.

When he was first made, he could just run, walk and shoot cannons out of his hands but soon Sakura became too greedy and made him think and talk, as well as shooting mini versions of himself out of his ears. Because of this, ProjectKC thought for himself and in a matter of time, he murdered Sakura. ProjectKC uploaded files into his robotic chip that taught him what the Axis were planning on doing to him ( which Kuma- Chan thought was very bad )so he slaughtered most of the Axis. 

After the event of WW2, ProjectKC still wanted to kill more people as he thought it was fun, so he became a hired assassin. The way ProjectKC assassinated his victims was simple: he made mini versions of himself go into people's ears, and then the mini versions would vomit toxin that burned their ear. 

After that, ProjectKC would shoot an army of wasps into the victim's other ear and they would sting it until the innocent died. That was his best approach at it but sometimes he would blind the innocent with his laser eye and then beat them to death. Another way would be to squirt poison into their ear ( or mouth )while they were sleeping. Other ways include: shooting a cannon into the victim, shooting a mini version of himself into the mouth of the victim, or drowning them.

Being assassinated by ProjectKC was like being stabbed in the back by your mother. It was like your head being pulled off and being burned to ashes at the same time- in fact he even did that one time. But it soon came to be that ProjectKC was too dangerous to be alive, so the President tried to kill him when he was asleep- but the President didn't release that ProjectKC couldn't sleep because he was a robot ; the President was murdered by him. Then the government decided that that was enough and they forbid ProjectKC to kill or even hurt anyone again. He had to change his name to Kuma- Chan and everyone forgot that the ProjectKC existed...


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